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"Police Story 2013" Movie Review: A Different Kind of Jackie Chan Movie

It is of very rare chance that you see Jackie Chan in a movie (if you are a true blue fan) that has not much action, Jackie feels and looks old and tired, Jackie has a grown-up daughter, and Jackie does drama. Police Story 2013 took a different approach (and may be gambled) to a Jackie Chan movie.

Police Story 2013 is the sixth installment to the Police Story series franchise. It is an independent movie to the series because of Jackie Chan's character Officer Zhong Wen has nothing to do with the previous five series. The story of this movie is not even connected to the rebooted version of the 2004 movie The New Police Story, which was also said a tamer Jackie Chan film. Police Story 2013 movie has lesser action scenes, lesser casualities, lesser chase, but heavy in drama, dialogues, and back stories.

Jackie Chan is best known for comedic-action films or heavy action films. I once saw him did an old man character in The Forbidden Kingdom, but still that movie has a lot of actions. In this movie, Police Story 2013, Jackie Chan takes on a role of a father... to a grown-up daughter who is a doctor (or taking up a medical profession)... and really looks tired and old. I remember Jackie's character with that of Bruce Willis' Jack McClane character in A Good Day To Die Hard of the Die Hard series franchise. It would be better if Jackie Chan's character Kevin Chan in the 1985 film Police Story was retained and has grown over the years.

It is not that I don't like the film at all. Police Story 2013 has its remarkable ups and unbelievable downs, again, for a Jackie Chan movie. Except for the dragging back stories, long dialouges, and heavy drama between the father, Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan) and his daughter, the movie is still enjoyable to watch. I guess the fact that it is a Jackie Chan movie really gets into my adrenaline rush. It is enough to know that Jackie Chan is back after his retirement announcement last year for making CZ12 or Chinese Zodiac his last action movie ever.

According to Jackie Chan himself, as long as there is an audience, and fans want him to make even more action films, his fans will surely see more of his action films, but according to him these movies are "not as big as it (they) is (are) used to". Jackie Chan's Police Story 2013 is Megavision's opening salvo for 2014. It is showing tomorrow, January 22, 2014 in movie theaters, nationwide. Below is the Philippine version movie trailer of Police Story 2013

"Police Story 2013" is ♥♥♥.

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