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"No One Lives" Movie Review: Evil vs Evil

In a battle between evil versus evil, the one who will prevail as the sole survivor is the one who is more skilled and is much more prepared to win the battle. In "No One Lives," Luke Evans plays an unnamed character who is a sociopath killer. When he and his girlfriend were abducted by a group of gangster thieves, the group discovered a monster out of the man they think were not. After one of their members killed his girlfriend, Luke Evans' character seeks for revenge in the most bloodbath way possible.

Meanwhile, the members of gangster thieves who were left at the cabin discovered a secret hidden inside the trunk of the car of Luke Evans' character. The missing girl Emma, played by Adelaide Clemens, was abducted by Luke Evans for six months. She was the sole survivor of Luke Evans' sociopathic character. Emma warned the gangster thieves to stay away from Luke Evans and runaway with her. The leader of the gang did not listen to her, instead challenged himself to meet the real man behind Luke Evans' character. Unbeknownst to his capability and capacity as a killer, the members of the gang are slowly missing each member as Luke Evans tried to kill them to one by one in the most creative bloodbath as he can think of.

If you are a fan of bloodbath or those people who thirst for blood when in comes to watching movies, then "No One Lives" is certainly the right movie for you. It's been weeks since I watched this movie, but the picture of blood splattering and the gorey scenes are seemed like forever stuck in my mind. The picturesque that was hell on earth literally showed on the big screen. I guess that is why it is only now that I finally wrote this movie review because I can't seem to move on with the grotesque scenarios that I saw.

The bloody visual presentation was gruesome, and you can't see the point why Luke Evans' character seemed to enjoy killing people, unless of course you are a sociopath yourself. However, I understand the point of the story — that you don't mess with someone you don't know personally or else you are the one who will end up being messed up.

Overall, "No One Lives" took me moving on my seat each time there was a killing happening in the movie. This could only mean that the movie's goal to give thrill and suspense to moviegoers have surpassed beyond their expectation. Not my kind of movie though. But I somehow kinda enjoyed watching the movie. Or maybe I am a sociopath by heart too! "No One Lives" is already out in DVDs and CDs. You better catch this movie and have that adrenaline rush in your veins and feel what I have felt as I was watching this film. Enjoy! Bwahahahaha!

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