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"Walking With Dinosaurs" (3D) Movie Trailer and Information

When my friends and I watched a movie a few days ago, we were amazed at what we saw in one of the trailers. A 3D-animated film of dinosaurs walking in a real-life environment as their background. To no avail, the movie trailer revealed that it was the upcoming movie "Walking with Dinosaurs" from 20th Century Fox and Reliance Entertainment. The movie is set to be shown on January 2014.

"Walking with Dinosaurs" (3D) summary/plot/synopsis

"Walking With Dinosaurs" (3D) is a CGI action adventure set in real epic environments that breathes to life the most glorious and realistic of the dinosaur era never before seen on the silverscreen.

Set 70 million years ago, “Walking With Dinosaurs” (3D) sees the birth of a baby triceratops, the smallest of its herd brought forth into a wild, unpredictable world filled with the most ferocious of predators. In this world, the young dinosaur learns to discover his innner courage as he butts head with all other dinosaurs and predators alike. Along with his friends and family, his adventures are filled with humor and often face hair-raising challenges that each of them must face to prove their worth within the herd.

Experience another moviemaking breakthrough when "Walking With Dinosaurs (3D)" opens in Philippine theaters on January 2014 from 20th Century Fox. Below is the movie trailer of "Walking with Dinosaurs (3D)" that I saw in the movie theaters. Can't wait for this one!

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