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"Turbo" Movie Review: The Trailer Is Not A Show-It-All Experience!

I was surprised with the whole "Turbo" movie watching experience because the moment I saw the movie trailer of "Turbo" I was like "I think I already saw the whole movie with its trailer" thing. However, my thoughts were wrong and I'm glad I pushed the universe for me to be included in the list of those who can watch it first. Hahaha!

Basically, "Turbo" is a fun and enjoyable animated action-adventure 3D movie experience. All the ingredients that I was looking for in an animated 3D movie are all included including comedy, action, humor, drama and conflict, villains, meltdown, and triumphant, and a whole lot more! Surprisingly, "Turbo" is not just about pursuing your dreams, it also tackles a lot of family values such as brotherly bonding and family, determination to change one's life, fight for what you believe in, friendship, perseverance, trust and betrayal, and other social relevant issues.

I may have spoiled a little there, but that was just it.

"Turbo" teaches us that "nothing is impossible if you dream big." Just imagine a garden snail who wants to enter the Indianapolis 500 Race and competes with race cars more than a thousand times its size, are just too big for a story, but yet, the story did not compromise the writer and the director wanted to project in the animated movie.The movie survived without flaws in the storytelling, technicalities, and animation alike. The smooth storytelling of how a bored garden snail shifted from being just in the garden to race on a track and compete is what I like about the film.

I cannot reveal much about Theo (Ryan Reynolds) aka Turbo's ups and downs especially the turning point of the story because it is something to look forward to. Like I said, the movie's trailer did not reveal much, so that people can watch it with enthusiasm and anticipation as well.

"Turbo" is not like the other movie from another production outfit that you might know. The story may have the same genre, but I am saying this, it's NOT! Don't push it, okay? Hahaha! I am glad that "Turbo" is an original story that has its original plot.

If you are fond of watching 3D animated action-adventure movie, or perhaps wants to hear the voice again of Ryan Reynolds as what he did in "The Croods" or maybe, just maybe a fan of garden snails who want to race in Indianapolis 500 Competition, well, look no more… because this movie is highly recommended for you!

"Turbo" is showing tomorrow, July 19, 2013, in theatres, nationwide. The movie is available in 2D and 3D formats. "Turbo" is from DreamWorks Animation Studios, the same production team behind "Madagascar" and "Kung Fu Panda." It is released by 20th Century Fox. "Turbo's" full movie trailer, cast, summary, and other information is posted here. Enjoy!

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