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"The Heat" Movie Review

What do you get when you combine two exactly opposite law enforcers - one is a good FBI agent and the other is a bad, pain-in-the-ass Boston police officer - to stop illegal drug fugitives in a certain community? Definite a hilariously-outrageous one-of-a-kind riot that will surely make you say "opposite attracts after all!"

"The Heat" movie exceeds my expectations when it comes to giving me laughter. I never thought I would be laughing so hard in this movie, the laughs I made were really that much, I think I may have counted 109 laughs for that matter! I clapped most of the time when breakthrough actress Melissa McCarthy finished her lines! Sympathetic yet insulting but funny and racist at the same time.

I think it wasn't just me who was clapping at that time... all of the moviegoers are enjoying every moments of it. I guess the humor that the movie used was somewhat has the same wavelength as mine. I mean, I would give an acting award for Melissa McCarthy for delivering her witty punchlines in the movie! Her lines were at the right timing, I really love how she did it, especially her side comment with the albino guy! Ooopppss... spoiler alert! hahaha!

Sandra Bullock, on the other hand, tries a different attack in this action-comedy movie. She may have tried the "nagger" character as what her character is asking for, but she did it in a different way. Her strong-independent-hey-I-am-the-boss character could have been a nagger, strong-willed character, but Sandra Bullock delivered it otherwise. In a news article, she mentioned that she was trying the improvisation method attack in comedy. Well, I guess it worked! I simply love her.

While the movie is yet another drug-busting themed film, the scriptwriter focused on the characters rather than that of the story itself. I love how screenwriter Katie Dippold and director Paul Feig worked together to come up with a comedic masterpiece that is "The Heat". With great actresses beneath their wings, nothing could go wrong. It's like "The Expendables" or "Die Hard" movies made for women, an action-comedy movie that is truly amazing!

If you want to have a good laugh while watching an action-comedy film, or you just want to watch Sandra Bullock doing action flicks, or simply want to watch the comedic spiels thrown by Melissa McCarthy, then this movie is highly commendable for you to watch! Just make sure you are game for profanity and racist witty comedy lines because this movie is rated R-13 by the Movie and Television Review and Classifications Board (MTRCB). "The Heat" starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock opens tomorrow, June 27, 2013 in movie theaters, nationwide! Enjoy! Below is the full movie trailer of "The Heat"!

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