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A Star-Studded "Epic" (3D) Animated Movie

From the creators that brought you the animated film series "Ice Age" and "Rio", Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox bring you yet another animated adventure movie this season, "Epic" (3D) movie is the big screen animated adaptation of a children's novel entitled, "The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs." This animated movie adventure bring together the voices of the most sought after Hollywood stars from music icons to actors and actresses in their own field. Hollywood icons such as Beyonce Knowles, Steve Tyler, Colin Farrel, Josh Hutcherson, Jason Sudeikis, Pitbull, Amanda Seyfried, and Christoph Waltz glam this one epic anticipated movie this 2013!

"Epic" summary/synopsis/plot

"Epic" (3D) movie follows the adventure of a teenager named Mary Katherine or M.K. a smart, spirited, and headstrong 17-year-old girl who finds herself transported into a secret forest world where a battle between good and evil is about to unfold. After returning to her childhood home to connect with her estranged father, Professor Bomba, M.K. loses her patience with his endless stories of unseen people who live in the woods. But when she is magically transported into the Leafmen’s world, she gains a new perspective. To find her way home, M.K. must do more than believe in this world -- she’ll have to help save it from destruction.

"Epic" News

Gracing this "Epic" adventure animated movie are Beyonce Knowles as Queen Tara, Steven Tyler as Nim Galuu, Josh Hutcherson as Nod, Colin Farrel as Ronin, and Amanda Seyfried as M.K.

Beyonce loved voicing Queen Tara in the new children's movie "Epic" — at least once she stopped crying. Queen B has gone from pop royalty to screen royalty, becoming the forest queen in an animated movie that she hopes her 15-month-old daughter Blue Ivy will be proud of one day.

The film was her first work since giving birth and she says her hormones were raging. "I literally had tears when I played the voice," Beyonce told The Associated Press in an interview between concerts in London. "There was a scene where Queen Tara picks out her pod and I just imagined seeing my child."

Beautiful, agile, and strong, Tara isn’t just the Leafmen’s Queen; she’s the life force of the forest, which she presides over with respect, compassion, and humor. Her unique connection with nature gives her additional and powerful allies. And when all hope seems lost, she summons help from the most surprising of places. “Tara is the heart of the forest, personified, and she’s beloved by her people, called the Jinn,” says BeyoncĂ©.

Amanda Seyfried, the versatile and popular star of movies such as “Les Miserables” and “Mamma Mia,” portrays M.K., whom the actress describes as “strong-willed and disconnected from her father to the point where she thinks there’s no way she’s going to be able to even live with him.”

But M.K.’s incredible journey to a secret universe in her own backyard changes many things about her, not the least of which is her feelings about her dad. “She ultimately comes to believe in him,” says Seyfried. “He was right about so many things.

The other man in M.K.’s life is a resident of this unseen realm, named Nod. Josh Hutcherson, who stars as the warrior Peeta Mallark in the blockbuster “The Hunger Games” trilogy, portrays Nod. Rakish and handsome, Nod is all about bucking the rules and flying solo. But his brazen individualism doesn't square with the Leafmen’s ideals of teamwork and unity, so he quits the squad. After M.K. enters his world – and when the stakes are high – Nod discovers what it takes to be a true hero.

The chief force behind the darkness and destruction is the Boggans’ ruler, Mandrake played by Christoph Waltz. Gifted, or cursed, with the ability to bring destruction to anything he touches, Mandrake and his Boggan minions are the arch-nemeses of the Leafmen. Mandrake is tired of hiding in the shadows, and with his son Dagda (played by Blake Anderson) by his side, he plans the ultimate revenge – to claim the forest he believes should have always been his.

As portrayed by two-time Academy Award®-winning actor Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained, Inglourious Basterds), Mandrake is devious, dangerous, erudite, droll, and ironic. His eloquent and sharp musings and threats are complemented by his vampire-like appearance. He even sports a bat cape, “like the Native Americans wore buffalo skins,” says Wedge. “They would conquer the soul of the animal and wear its skin, and Mandrake does the same with the nocturnal and feared rodents. Bats are also the Boggans’ preferred mode of transport.

Meanwhile, well-loved music icon Steven Tyler gives voice to a very affable caterpillar character named Nim Galuu is the consummate party animal, but don’t let this larger than life caterpillar fool you – his wisdom and practical know-how make him a key behind-the-scenes player in the epic battle to save the forest.

Nim possesses a broad frame, six arms, four legs – and signature smoking jacket, whose pattern was inspired by butterfly wings. At first glance, the choice of a rock and roll icon to essay the avuncular (though fun-loving) forest sage is unexpected, but Wedge notes that the idea to cast Tyler “just came to us and we ran with it. Listen to Steven’s voice; it has all the necessary texture for Nim, who like Steven is a fun character with lots of energy.

For Tyler, the role reminded him of some his experiences as a youngster. “I grew up in the wilds of New Hampshire and I always thought there was something to be said for the quiet of the woods,” he explains. “At the same time, I was afraid of the woods, but I grew to love it. So I think EPIC is the perfect story to tell.

"Epic" (3D) opens today, May 24, 2013 in cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. The full movie trailer of "Epic" movie is seen below. Enjoy!

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