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"The Croods" Movie Review

"The Croods" is not just an animated movie which gives fun, brings good laugh, or tells a great story to moviegoers --- it is more than what I have expected. "The Croods" is a family-oriented movie that is set in pre-historic time, yet the values, the caring for family members, and the love that are expected to be shown in humans are not primitive; which only shows that the values in close family ties are real, more human, and beyond time.

Although also set in pre-historic era such as that of Ice Age movies, "The Croods", however, is a different story. The Croods family teaches us how to survive as a family in times of trouble, family problems, hunger and sufferings, fun and laughter, and some good old family bonding that most families do. The movie sticks to real human emotions and feelings, with human as their characters --- things that people can relate to. Aside from that, the different family issues tackled such as that of a rebellious child, mother-in-law and son-in-law relationship, father-centered family, mother being opinionated, among others are also real and I can say that the movie gave justice to them.

The movie is quite short (about one hour and 40 minutes) for an adventure animated film, but I think the story is not compromised and are just enough to watch. I like how the film is presented and how it progressed. The colorful creatures, the majestic cinematography of each place and scene, the wonderful and crazily-amazing flora and fauna, and many more are very impressive indeed! And oh, I really love the inclusion of Belt, too! You will love this creature, I promise you that! Hahaha!

Overall, the movie "The Croods" not just only gave me that "feel-good-movie" feeling, but also gave me the impression that there are still good movies out there that teaches us some moral values in return after we have watched the film. The movie is so wholesome, it has a "rated G" rating, so anyone can watch it!

If you are going out this weekend for a family movie watching bonding, "The Croods" is the movie to watch! "The Croods" is now showing from DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox distributed by Warner Bros. The full movie trailer of "The Croods" is found here. Happy watching!

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