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"The Bourne Legacy" Movie Review

When Tony Gilroy, the screenwriter of all "Bourne" series, decided to continue the "legacy" that was Bourne, but due to the unavailability of the original actor, Matt Damon and the director of the previous two "Bourne" series, Paul Greengrass, he had to come up with a breather to his adaptation to Robert Ludlum's "Bourne" series novel and came up with an idea that Jason Bourne is not alone in the so-called government "program" Treadstone. He made up a similarly interesting character, Number 5 in the persona of Aaron Cross, as played by Jeremy Renner.

"The Bourne Legacy" summary/plot/synopsis

"The Bourne Legacy " followed the life of Aaron Cross, a spy or superweapon or hitman or whatever thing you can call him, that the government of the United States of America has programmed along with likes of Jason Bourne. When the CIA operatives decided that they do not need these human weapons, maybe because of the exposure of Jason Bourne in the events that has taken in the third installment movie, "The Bourne Ultimatum", the higher officials of the operatives ordered for taking down all of likes of Jason Bourne one by one, by asking them to take a yellow pill.

When the higher ranks found out that one survived the massive order of killing all of the members included in their program, which is Number 5, Aaron Cross, they decided to have a wild chase against him with the help of a hitman. This wild chase has led them to the streets and slums of Manila — the much publicized shooting of all Hollywood movies ever.

A Legacy that was Bourne

"The Bourne Legacy" may have opened a bit weak as compared to the other Bourne series, maybe because of the characterization happening in the movie, but as the film progresses to different scenes, the plot slowly thickens and that this new Bourne movie becomes more and more interesting. As you go watch the film, you may say that this film is an independent movie from all the Bourne movie franchises.

Although some events in the third installment movie, "The Bourne Ultimatum" may have been present in this fourth installment movie, Tony Gilroy see to it that while Jason Bourne is on the loose, there is a parallel event that is happening on the other side of Treadstone. This idea may have been a bit wary to viewers but writer-director, Tony Gilroy, fortunately, did not slip to the idea and somehow made to a point that Aaron Cross could have been another Jason Bourne.

The good thing about this movie is the fact that Tony Gilroy made it as if this was really part of the Bourne series. There are some elements present in "The Bourne Legacy " that can be seen in the other previous Bourne movies. The action-thrilled chase alone can make it to the list that this movie is also a certified "Bourne".

And finally, Jeremy Renner is not Matt Damon, so as Aaron Cross is not Jason Bourne. But of course, it would have been a very good idea if both characters meet somewhere in the waters of El Nido, Palawan or perhaps in the fifth installment of the movie. Just a wishful thinking.

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