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"Amorosa: The Revenge" Movie Poster Analysis

While the controversial movie poster of "Guni-Guni" starring Lovi Poe, may have been subjected to plagiarism to a Thai Horror Movie, "Alone", another mirror-image like movie poster is being posted in every movie theaters, nationwide. Star Cinema and SkyLight Films, the movie production outfits that brought you the independent horror film, Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang , bring yet another horrifying story about choices that we make in life. "Amorosa: The Revenge" starring Martin del Rosario, Enrique Gil, Empress, and Angel Aquino is a horror-drama movie about family and love.

In this "Amorosa: The Revenge" movie poster, we can see an image of what could have been a perfect picture of a mother with her children, however, the inverted image tells us that a darker event may have happened to a girl with the presence of two men. Their lives could have been similar at some point, thus the inverted image. However, one might have suffered a consequence while the other took or received a happy life.

Although the movie poster cannot reveal yet about the whole plot or synopsis of "Amorosa: The Revenge", we may conclude that in the same house that Angel Aquino's family moved to is the same house that a tragic event might cause a tragic event to Empress' character's life. With this plot in mind, I can say that "Amorosa: The Revenge" is a horror-movie to watch for. The plot looks interesting and intriguing at the same time. Below is the inverted movie poster of "Amorosa: The Revenge" for your comparison.

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  1. Napanood ko na kanina. May quality ang film na toh. Family-Oriented at the same time may Horror effect. Para sakin, balanse ang pagkakagawa. Hindi pilit. Kudos sa mga artista.


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