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Prometheus (3D) Movie Review: Scary, Heart Pounding, Out-Of-This-World!

Perhaps, the descriptive words in the title say it all, but knowing myself as a talkative one, I think, I want to elaborate on these things while I still enjoy the moment of watching Prometheus (3D) in an IMAX theater! Yeah! Talking about high-definition man! Crystal-clear picture, crisp and sharp details! Very cool indeed! Thanks to 20th Century Fox Philippines for the movie invite, watching Prometheus (3D) on iMAX is really such a wonderful experience! Now on for the movie review!

Prometheus, the movie takes us to the journey of the state-of-the-art spacecraft called Prometheus in a distant galaxy in quest for life's unanswered mysteries such as the origin of mankind. Seeking different ancient ruins to search for clues of ancient alien contacts by our ancestors is a plot that could have been better if these "clues" have given the opportunity to be elaborated or have its shining moment in the film. It is an interesting plot actually, I am a fan of ancient discoveries, unexplained phenomena, ruins, ancient arts, and even crop circles! You can't blame me, I studied science during my college years!

Digging deeper into what could have happened to Earth or mankind during some 30,000 or 50,000 or perhaps some 100,000 years ago should be the main focus of the film. Of course, the Prometheus (ship) team is really into that angle, however, in every film, there is always a diversion where a main plot could lead to something else. And that's where Prometheus (movie) must have gone something crazy! But don't get me wrong! I really like how the movie flows, it's just that I want more of the all the crazy ancient ruins thingie to have its shining moment in the film.

Anyway. A true artist, like Director Ridley Scott, must have really know his craft very well. The storytelling of Prometheus got my attention. The horrifying effect to what is known as Ridley's "Alien" invasion syndrome is still as gruesome and horrifying as his other "Alien" movie franchise. However, I liked how he told Prometheus much better.

Prometheus (3D) is graphically and visually gothic yet very entertaining. You know there's an alien coming, but still, you literally hold on to your seat because you know there is an alien coming (or perhaps pray that it will not come soon). That statement exactly describes how I felt while watching the movie Prometheus on the very big, crystal-clear iMAX movie theater screen!

I also give big credits to actress Noomi Rapace for effectively deliberated her most hard-hitting, heart-pounding "extraction" scene ever (as if she experienced an extraction scene before, hahaha)! Director Ridley Scott is really a fan of strong women character, and Noomi Rapace's Dr. Elizabeth Shaw character is not an exception.

Charlize Theron on the other hand is also commendable for her acting. Her presence in the movie is like the character of "The Queen" in the movie "Shakespeare in Love" --- a strong character that you know everyone will be terrified when they see her, but somehow not needed in the storyline. Prometheus can stand alone without her, but of course, Charize Theron is Charlize Theron! I just wished she had a redemption scene towards the end of the movie. Oh well...

Michael Fassbender's David character is still questionable for me. It is my first time to see a character who does not take sides! Or perhaps I am wrong. But David does not take sides! Really! It confuses me. However, Michael Fassbender's make up is really good! He doesn't look like Professor X. He is more of an Ewan McGregor to me. Maybe because of the British genes. Maybe I was wrong, too!

Overall. a horrifying but entertaining experience, Prometheus (3D) is highly recommended to watch if you search for clues to your origin or perhaps your ancestors' origin. Just be sure you have three trillion dollars to build yourself a spacecraft to travel on a distant planet in search for clues! I won't give a damn clue but I really love how the movie goes, flows, and how it ended. The movie trailer for Prometheus (3D) is can be found here. Enjoy watching!

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