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Every Breath U Take movie trailer, plot summary and trivia

Every Breath U Take starring Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban
Want to hear a trivia about the movie Every Breath U Take? Angelica Panganiban will kiss Piolo Pascual's armpit in the story because her character has an obsession with Piolo's character's body.

Every Breath U Take is Star Cinema's 19th anniversary offering. A romantic comedy for an anniversary offering? Are they setting their bar lower?

It doesn't have as much quotable lines as No Other Woman. It doesn't have the charm and chemistry of UnOfficially Yours. It also doesn't have the following of The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin.

Although their tandem looks weird, anything with the hunk body of Piolo Pascual and the amazing beauty and humor of Angelica Panganiban will surely rake in moviegoers. This is all the cards that Star Cinema has for this movie.

The previous movies has set the bar so high that a less successful upcoming movie would look like a flop. Let's wait and see.

Every Breath U Take Plot Summary/Synopsis

The movie Every Breath U Take is a story of a woman looking for love and a man who doesn't care much about love.

Angelica Panganiban plays the role of Majoy, a "virgin-virginan" looking for signs and waiting all these years for her one true love to come. Piolo Pascual plays the role of Leo, a playboy who doesn't want to take love seriously. They will meet on a Valentine's Day and love, or something like it, starts to blossom.

How far can Majoy go for love? And when will Leo finally admit to himself that he is in love?

Amid laughter, disaster and obstacles, will the couple go for it, or will take the obstacles as signs that they are not meant to be?

More Every Breath U Take Trivia

Here are more trivia about the movie Every Breath U Take:
  • Kim Chiu is supposed to be the leading lady when the movie was announced last May 2011.
  • Postcards from Heaven is the tentative title of the movie when it started principal photography on June 2011.
  • The film was intended for a April 4, 2012, but was moved to May 16, 2012.

Every Breath U Take Movie Trailer

Below is the official movie trailer of Every Breath U Take. The movie trailer features how Majoy and Leo have different views on love. It also depicts the complicated situations the two main characters are already in. Majoy is being courted by a Chinoy played by Ryan Bang and Leo is being followed by a desperate woman played by Wendy Valdez.

Watch Every Breath U Take movie trailer online here:

Every Breath U Take starts showing on May 16. 2012.

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