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"Unofficially Yours" Official Movie Poster

 Star Cinema has recently released its latest artwork of official movie poster via the upcoming post-Valentines Day movie offering, "Unofficially Yours" starring John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin. The exciting new movie poster of "Unofficially Yours" is I think one of the most controversial movie posters, too, made by Star Cinema because of its provocative concept with intriguing phrases printed on it.

In the official movie poster of "Unofficially Yours," you will see a photoshopped John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin with an enhanced paint-like face and skin features and a big spread of newspaper is covering their not-so-sure-if-it-is-naked body behind the spread, thus provocative in nature.

Anyway, I simply like it. It makes you think, "hey, what is this movie all about?" and realized that Star Cinema has once again stepped out of the norms of romantic-comedy flicks. For the summary/synopsis/plot of "Unofficially Yours" you may click the link below.

'Unofficially Yours' movie trailer and plot synopsis

"Unofficially Yours" is showing on February 15, 2012.

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