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Movie Review: 50/50, not so simple cancer

The movie 50/50 is something you'll want to watch when you catch a cold, got fever or suffer a flu and you filed for a sick leave. Watch it on your bed or sofa with the covers to your neck and a cold towel on your forehead.

Most importantly, watch it with someone you love. Tell your girlfriend to come over. Tell your wife to stay up with you.

It won't heal your sickness, but your loved one might be urged to take care of you more. Or at least she might give you a hug.

50/50 Plot Summary/Synopsis

50/50 is a story about a 27-year old lad Adam Learner who has really taken good care of himself. He doesn't smoke. He doesn't drink. He doesn't even drive because he believes car accidents are the fifth leading cause of death. Yet, he has, of all the ailments in the world, cancer. This specific cancer gives him a survival rate of, wait for it, 50/50.

What caught me into this movie is the protagonist Joseph-Gordon Levitt, who also played the lead role in 500 Days of Summer (2009). (My girlfriend pointed out that he also played a supporting role in Inception (2010) as the point man.

I liked the story of 500 Days of Summer and seeing Levitt's name in 50/50 tells me I'm going to like this too. And I did.

50/50 Movie Review

The story flows naturally as we watched Adam suffer and fight cancer almost always silently. As we are waiting to find out what would happen with him and his illness, we are entertained by the unique characters surrounding him and how these characters coped with him.

I was convinced this is a man's movie because it doesn't involve a lot of drama and crying. But I still found my girlfriend with a few tears towards the end.

On the outside, 50/50 might have oversimplified the experience of having cancer, but the credits will roll with your heart feeling something more.

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