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First Look: "Puss in Boots" Movie Trailer!

Who would have not forget that cute look from this most loved animated cat ever-made?

From the same studio that brought you Shrek Forever After, Dreamworks Studio presents the spin-off movie adventure of a lifetime that will surely be the most anticipated animated-adventure movie of the year 2011!!! "Puss in Boots" the movie by Dreamworks Studio takes us back to the time where Puss, the lovable, adventurous, Spanish-accented cat, has not yet met Shrek (or maybe I am wrong). It will be remembered that Puss-in-Boots has made his appearance in the second installment of Shrek series. Puss is voiced by none other than Antonio Banderas.

Puss-in-Boots' adventure will begin with a quest along with his companions, Humpty Alexander Dumpty and a soft-pawed ally sultry cat. Below is the movie trailer preview of the upcoming movie adventure for 2011, "Puss in Boots". "Puss in Boots" is set to be shown on November 4 in theaters, worldwide. It is available in 3D in select theaters. Enjoy the movie trailer!

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