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What Happens When You Don't Turn Off Your Mobile Phones During the Movie?

What Happens When You Don't Turn Off Your Mobile Phone During the Movie?
Movie houses has been urging their patrons to turn off their mobile phones while the movie is on-going. They say the radio transmissions might cause technical difficulties. Or maybe they are wary that moviegoers will record the movie using mobile phone cameras.

But have you every thought hard on what will really happen when you don't turn off your cellphone during a movie?

In this video, the characters of RPG Metanoia try to create the scenario that will transpire when YOU don't turn off your mobile phone.

Watch the video now:

See? When you don't turn off your phone, and it rings during the movie, it distracts the movie characters and worst, it puts the life of the movie characters in peril.

So the next time the movie house reminds you to turn off your phone, do it. Think about your favorite movie character. Imagine the life of Harry Potter or Edward Cullen is on the line.

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