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Golden Globe Glitch - The King's Speech is Best Motion Picture Winner!

A few minutes after the 2011 Golden Globe Best Motion Picture (Drama) winner was announced, there was a moment of confusion for those who visited the Official Website of the Annual Golden Globe Awards to see which movie is it.

Michael Douglas announced that The Social Network is the Best Motion Picture (Drama) winner. But on the website, it is not. Rather, it is The King's Speech.

The list on the website has already been edited now. But we have captured the time when the Golden Globe Glitch happened where The King's Speech is the clear winner. See the picture below.

Though the image is a bit blurry due to low quality, it is clear that the star which indicates the winner is beside The King's Speech and not on The Social Network.

The King's Speech is Best Motion Picture, Drama

Yes, we fully understand that this can be a simple human error. And we know that whoever he is, he is sorry. And we forgive him. We get it.

But he and those concerned should also know that we know what they did. And that this shouldn't happen again, especially in the eyes of those who might give this glitch a different meaning.

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