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Andrew Garfield as Spiderman First Photo Released!

After much anticipation and excitement, one of the "The Social Network" movie main man, and newest Spiderman icon man, Andrew Garfield, finally revealed his Spider-suite in this first-ever released photo of him in the costume where Hollywood actor, Tobey McGuire was first known and loved. It is remembered that after three installments of Spiderman movie under Tobey McGuire's name, Andrew Garfield is said to have been chosen as the next actor who will wear the famous superhero suite. It is reported that Andrew Garfield is preparing for this much-coveted role.

In this first-released photo of Andrew Garfield in his Spiderman costume, we can see that the costume or the Spiderman suite is somehow worn and torn, we cannot see a clear spiderman logo on his chest. And yes, that is a backpack that he is carrying on his back. I wonder what happened in this scene. It must be our resident superhero, Peter Parker is having a hard-time adjusting to his high school life, office work, and saving the world. What do you think guys of this first-released photo of Andrew Garfield as Spiderman as compared to Tobey McGuire's Spiderman suite (right photo)? Are you excited to see Andrew Garfield on the big screen wearing the famous Spiderman suite? Photo is courtesy of ryanseacrest.com.

Andrew Garfield as Spiderman is scheduled to hit the movie screens in 3D on July 3, 2012.

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