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20th Century Fox to release an Ice Age 4 movie?

Before the premiere night that I attended last week for the "Gulliver's Travels" movie starring Jack Black, there was a 2-minute preview of a short film entitled, "Scrat's Continental Crack Up", an animation short film starring Scrat, the insignificant but equally funny, pre-historic squirrel in the Ice Age movie installments. He is the one who chases an acorn during the Ice Age period.

In this short film, if I may describe, Scrat is doing a solo, he even has his name on the title. According to my source, the short Scrat film is in line with the upcoming movie "Ice Age 4" to which as of this writing has no subtitle yet (e.g., Dawn of the Dinosaurs, The Melt Down).

Due to overwhelming applause and positive reaction from the audience or from those who have seen the movie trailer, "Scrat's Continental Crack Up" is really a runaway winner! Below is the full short film of "Scrat's Continental Crack Up" brought to you by 20th Century Fox. Enjoy the film!

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