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"Yes, I Will Watch MMFF 2010 Movies" Contest

To celebrate the 1st year anniversary of our Web site, MovieNews.Me, we will hold a blog writing contest with the theme "Yes, I Will Watch MMFF Movies this 2010". This contest aims to campaign the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2010 movie entries and to strengthen the movie industry by encouraging people to watch every single filmfest entry, if not, all the films that are going to be shown during the MMFF 2010 season.

Contest Mechanics

1. The contest is open to all bloggers living in the Philippines only, whether he/she is of Filipino roots (origin) or foreigners who love watching Filipino films, especially the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entries. Filipino or foreign bloggers living outside the Philippines are NOT eligible or qualified to join.

2. The blog of those who wants to join the contest should be live and running for at least a month upon the start of the contest. Newly made blogs which are made just for the sake of the contest, with only a single entry (the contest entry), will not be accepted or automatically disqualifies in the contest. The blog should have at least five (5) blog entries, and more importantly, live and running for at least one (1) month already before joining the contest.

3. Bloggers who are qualified to join must write a post answering the question, "Which MMFF 2010 movie entries will I watch?" in this format: "This MMFF 2010 season, I am going to watch the movie (title of movie)... because (your reason for wanting to watch it)... " in 100 words or more. The title of the blog entry that the blogger is going to submit is upon his/her discretion.

4. The blog entry should be written in either English or Filipino language, and must include the texts below with their respective links (please, copy and paste the texts):

This "Yes, I Will Watch MMFF 2010 Movies" Contest is sponsored by How To Become Awesome and Watch Pinoy Online.

5. Bloggers who will join the contest must write their comments on this post with a link to their entry post and their name (complete name or blogger name).

6. Deadline of submission of entries will be on December 6, 2010 at 12:00 midnight. The submission of entries in the comment section will be notified by a "Cut-OFF comment" where bloggers cannot submit their entries anymore, but they can still write their comments in that section.

7. There could only be one (1) grand prize winner to this contest who will receive P1,500 worth of SM Cinema movie passes who will enjoy watching the MMFF 2010 movie entries (food not included) on December 25. There will also be five (5) consolation prizes of P300 worth of SM Cinema movie passes for five lucky bloggers who joined the contest.

8. All entries will be judged according to the criteria that can be found below. MovieNews.Me will be inviting some bloggers to judge the submitted qualified entries that will choose only one grand winner. The five (5) lucky bloggers who were qualified in the entries will be randomly picked using the random.org Web site to be fair and square. Each of the five lucky bloggers will win P300 worth of SM Cinema movie passes.

9. The winner and the consolation prize winners are will be announced on December 13, 2010, Monday, at 12:00 noon or later. The winners will be posted here in MovieNews.Me as a separate blog entry and will be informed the winners on how to claim you prize. Winners will be contacted by either Richie or Yatot only, via email. Prizes will be delivered two (2) days after the announcement via a registered mail or LBC. Prizes are also convertible to cash if you want to watch the MMFF 2010 movies in other cinemas.

10. The judges' decision is final and irreversible.

Criteria for Judging

The criteria for judging the best "Yes, I Will Watch MMFF 2010 Movies" Contest blog entry are as follows:

1. Substance (the blogger's reason for watching the movie) — 50%
2. Creativity (the way the blog entry is presented or written, flow of ideas, sense of humor, mass appeal) — 25%
3. Readability (context is easy to understand or decipher, grammar and language, writing style, etc.) — 25%

The contest is now officially open! Start writing your contest entry and get ready to win some movie passes!

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