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Unstoppable Movie Spoilers: Early Review

Update: You may read the following "Unstoppable" movie spoilers or proceed to our "Unstoppable" movie review here.

The following Unstoppable movie spoiler is an early movie review from someone who apparently has seen a test-screening of the movie. He submitted this review to a blog which published it.

The author expressed in details how the train in the movie broke lose and how the leading men chase it. He also knows the backstory of the two main characters. He seems to be truthful that he has already seen the movie. If so, then this is a valid Unstoppable movie spoiler.

Unstoppable Movie Poster

What is Unstoppable?

The movie Unstoppable is about an half-mile-long freight train carrying combustible liquids and poisonuous gas. The train had run unmanned and the railroad company frantically prevents it from wiping out a city. A veteran locomotive engineer (Denzel Washington) and a young train conductor (Chris Pine) chase the runaway train in a different locomotive in order to bring the runaway under control before it is too late.

Everyone is wondering whether it will still be worthwhile to watch Unstoppable on theaters because the ending of the movie is already expect because it is based on a true event.

About the Crazy Eights Incident

On May 15, 2001, the CSX8888 train rumbled on a 66-mile journey through northwest Ohio with no one at the controls, due to the throttle being applied on full instead of a brake. For two hours, the train sailed along at speeds up to 47 miles per hour until the crew of a second train coupled onto the runaway and slowly applied its brakes. Once #8888 was slowed down to a speed of 11 miles per hour, a CSX employee, trainmaster Jon Hosfeld, ran alongside the train and climbed aboard, shutting down the locomotive.

The movie Unstoppable is loosely based on this incident. The train in the movie is numbered 777.

Unstoppable Movie Spoilers

Unstoppable Movie Spoiler

This spoiler of the movie Unstoppable is published in LatinoReview from a reader. According to the author of the early review, viewers should watch Unstoppable in the theaters even if they already know what will happen in the movie, and even if they have already read this movie spoiler.

Here's the Unstoppable movie spoiler:

Hey Latinoreview, longtime fan. I sent you my early critique of a film sometime back, but under a different alias. For now, you can call me Jersey Frank, because hey, that's where I'm originally from. But I hate all that nonsense on that Jersey Shore show. Makes us all look bad. Anyway, my sister, who is better at this internet stuff than I am, set me up for a chance to see another early movie, this time Denzel Washington's latest Unstoppable. Washington makes great movies with Tony Scott (except for that garbage Taking of Pelham 123 remake) and in a season where action movies seem scarce, this one was right on the money.

What I enjoyed about this flick was that it had a simple premise and gets right to the point. It's a runaway train movie and there's no bad guy other than the train itself. Well, the corporate honchos running the train company are a bunch of assess, but the real villain is the train itself, which is, how should I put it, Unstoppable. Washington is a veteran engineer named Frank who is paired up with rookie Will played by Chris Pine who made a decent Capt. Kirk in Star Trek. There's a lot of ice that needs to be broken between them, because Frank sees Will as a pretty boy whose family partly runs the company and Will seems himself as just a guy doing a job and looking for a little respect. Both of them are family men with a few problems of their own: Frank has two spoiled daughters who work at Hooters of all places, and Will is in a visitation battle with his estranged wife. Neither woke up and planned on becoming heroes, but by the film's final minutes that's just what they are.

Unstoppable Scene

It appears that a couple of idiots, (one played by the fat guy from My Name is Earl, the other the 'Hud' character with the video camera from Cloverfield) get a little lazy one morning and abandon a train they are parking in the railyard. Fat idiot number one decides to jump from manning the engine and activate the track switch by hand, while idiot number two fails to connect the brake lines that would stop this thirty car behemouth from getting away from them. Things literally get rolling when idiot number one leaves the lever in a position that provides power to the train, meaning this baby isn't “a coaster” as they call it, but threat running under it's own power. That doesn't sit well with their boss, station master Rosario Dawson who sends her best man ahead of the train to pull the switch only to realize it's further down the track route than they realized. The problem is that a class trip full of students are on another track nearby and Frank and Will's train are on the same track heading in the opposite direction. Kind of stuff I used to do with my Lionel train set, except this is very dangerous and real.

Before long news gets out to the media that there's a runaway crusing through Pennsylvania and it's thirty cars long carrying a substance used to make glue that's highly volitile. Dawson's idiot of a boss played by Kevin Dunn from Transformers engages in a pow-wow with his superiors as they try to crunch numbers over how much the company stands to lose. For them it's about the money, not the innocent lives at stake. Against Dawson's suggestions, they attempt to slow the train down by putting another in front of it, but that end disastrously for the driver and an army guy they try to drop in by helicopter. Meanwhile, knowing they are set on a collision course with the locomotive, Frank and Will argue over whether or not their train is too long to fit in a siding that will lead them to safety. Guess which one is right?

Unstoppable really gets moving (sorry, I couldn't help myself) in its third act when Frank and Will decide to go after the runaway, link their engine to the back of it and gun it in the opposite direction. If this sounds like a spoiler, it's not. In fact the plan is revealed in the damn movie trailer. What I liked about the film is that Scott makes you feel you're a part of everything that's happening with fake news reports and even shots from the sidelines as citizens watch the train rush by. I have a feeling the version I saw was unfinished because some of the music seemed like it was borrowed from Deja Vu and even The Dark Knight. I saw both movies recently so the temp music seemed very familiar. There was even a moment or two where Washington's voice was dubbed over by a white guy in some long shots. I didn't care. The movie could have been in black and white or even subtitled and I still would have enjoyed it. Once Frank and Will begin to respect each other, they work well together as do Washington and Pine who has leading man written all over him. There's one nail biting sequence towards the end where they train has to make a sharp turn at highspeed and the entire city is watching. I saw this with a good audience who were enthusiastic, so if you're in the mood for a good time, I suggest you do the same. Sometimes waiting for the DVD isn't as fun. Seeing this in a theater with real people adds to the experience even if it's already is a good movie. An hour and forty minutes of good fun that I look forward to seeing again.

Unstoppable will be showing in the Philippines on November 12, 2010.

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