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Andi Eigenmann stars in ‘Temptation Island’ and more movies

Last April 2010, Agua Bendita lead star Andi Eigenmann became the new “Regal Baby.”

She signed a three-movie contract with Regal Films. However, the contract is non-exclusive which means she can still do movies with other film outfits.

The three-movie contract includes the recently shown comedy film Mamarazzi with Eugene Domingo and John Lapuz. The second movie is Regal Films’ signature entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2010 which is Shake, Rattle and Roll XII.

Regal Films has two entries to the 2010 MMFF. The other one is the remake of Maricel Soriano and Aiza Seguerra’s 1988 classic fantasy movie entitled Super Inday and the Magic Bibe. Marian Rivera and Jillian Ward will reprise the roles.

Temptation Island

The third movie in the contract is called Temptation Island. It is the remake of 1980’s movie by Jose Gosiengfiao about four beauty titlists who got stranded in a desert island without food, water and shelter. The movie is known for its sexy scenes and witty comedy.

This will be the first time that Andi Eigenmann will engage in sexy scenes after doing youngster roles in Agua Bendita and Mamarazzi. Although in Agua Bendita she has to wear skin-revealing garments, the TV drama is still meant for viewers of all ages, including children.

However, Andi Eigenmann will reprise the role of Dina Bonnevie in Temptation Island. The character is a little conservative, which suits the 19-year-old actress.

Carla Abellana will also star in the remake but she is also said to play a conservative role. According to Carla, the new version of Temptation Island, which will be her first film ever, will have more than four women unlike the old movie.

Temptation Island will be directed by Chris Martinez.

Another movie which is also said to star Andi Eigenmann is the remake of Problem Child, the movie that launched her aunt, Cherie Gil.

According to Mother Lily Monteverde, she believes Andi Eigenmann will be a big star to watch out for.

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