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Sa'yo Lamang movie trailer, plot summary, cast and information!

As a 17th anniversary offering, Star Cinema brings together the most acclaimed actors of this generation to the big screen with Sa'yo Lamang. This family drama dares to step in the path trodden by the highly commended classic Tanging Yaman. Also helmed by Laurice Guillen, Sa'yo Lamang takes the story of a family torn apart by circumstances.

Sa'yo Lamang Plot Summary/Synopsis

The story of Sa'yo Lamang movie revolves around Dianne Alvero (Bea Alonzo) who was left with the responsibility of taking care of her siblings played by Coby (Coco Martin), James (Enchong Dee) and Lisa (Miles Ocampo). When their father (Christopher de Leon) comes back, she finds it difficult to forgive him. Will love, faith and forgiveness prevail during the most trying times in their life?

While her siblings and mother easily accepted her father, Dianne doesn't find it easy to welcome him in her heart because he has left them for ten years and has broken his promise long time ago. Will she ever forgive him?

Coby is the black sheep of the family. We will later find out that he has impregnated his girlfriend (Shaina Magdayao). Does Coby really wants to get out of the family? Or does just want to feel loved by the very persons he was trying to get away from?

James and Lisa are longing for the love of their father. But which side will they choose? The sister who have taken care of them from the start or the father whose warmth they crave so much for?

Amanda Alvero (Lorna Tolentino), the mother of the family, just wants to have a complete family. Is there something in her that she is not telling her family?

Sa'yo Lamang Cast and Characters

Here are the cast and characters of the touching family movie Sa'yo Lamang:

Lorna Tolentino as Amanda Alvero
Christopher de Leon as Mr. Alvero
Bea Alonzo as Dianne Alvero
Coco Martin as Coby Alvero
Enchong Dee as James Alvero
Miles Ocampo as Lisa Alvero
Diether Ocampo
Shaina Magdayao
Zanjoe Marudo
Empress Schuck
Lauren Young as Lorraine
Igi Boy Flores
Dominic Ochoa

Sa'yo Lamang Official Movie Trailer

Sa'yo Lamang movie trailer starts with a home blessing presenting all the family members. And then the father came in and this is where the drama begins. The are rolls of heated dialogues between Bea Alonzo and Coco Martin and between Coco Martin and Enchong Dee. We also see Enchong Dee punching Coco Martin, and Christopher De Leon also punching Coco Martin.

One notable moment is the kissing scene between Enchong Dee and Lauren Young in the pool. And then there are more crying scenes between Bea Alonzo and Lorna Tolentino.

Watch Sa'yo Lamang official movie trailer below:

Sa'yo Lamang is showing on September 1, 2010 in cinemas nationwide.

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