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Sa'yo Lamang Movie Poster: A Couch Full of Stars

Star Cinema has just released the movie poster of Sa'yo Lamang, the newest family drama starring Lorna Tolentino, Christopher de Leon and Bea Alonzo. Sa'yo Lamang will be showing in Philippine cinemas on September 1, 2010.

Sa'yo Lamang movie poster boasts a couch full of the brightest and much-sought-after stars in the Philippines today. The powerhouse ensemble like this is a rare situation and it appears only Star Cinema can make it happen.

These stars are popular on their own rights. What will happen if you put them together in a family drama with a touching story? You'll obviously get a movie worth talking about even for years to come. Sa'yo Lamang also stars Diether Ocampo, Coco Martin, Zanjoe Marudo, Shaina Magdayao, Enchong Dee, Empress, Miles Ocampo and Lauren Young.

It is directed by the award-winning director Laurice Guillen.

Sa'yo Lamang Movie Story

According to an SNN interview, Bea Alonzo said her character would be the oldest sister in the family and that she will be strict on her siblings. Of course, it will be safe to assume that Lorna Tolentino and Christopher de Leon are husband and wife in this movie.

In the same interview, Lorna Tolentino told SNN that it's going to be a family picture. At the start of the Sa'yo Lamang movie story, there will a conflict within the family which will push its members to part ways. And then something will happen that make them realize the importance of having a strong-bonded family.

Sa'yo Lamang Movie Poster

Here's the newly released Sa'yo Lamang movie poster featuring the cast and characters of the movie arranged around a couch.

The theme of Sa'yo Lamang movie poster and of the movie itself reminds me of Tanging Yaman (2000) which is also directed by Laurice Guillen. Will Sa'yo Lamang be the next generation of Tanging Yaman? Let's find out.

One note about the movie poster is that Lorna Tolentino is seated farther from Christopher de Leon and nearer to Bea Alonzo. This may mean that in the movie, Lorna Tolentino's character will be separated with Christopher de Leon's character. And that Bea Alonzo's character will be her mother's helping hand.

The Sa'yo Lamang movie poster is also hinting on love triangles or a May-December love affair, but I still can't figure out which of them are involved in which relationship. Let's wait for the movie trailer.

The Sa'yo Lamang soundtrack will be sang by Juris. Sa'yo Lamang will be showing on September 1, 2010.

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