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RPG Metanoia 3D Movie Characters and Avatars

Who are the characters in the RPG Metanoia 3D movie?

RPG Metanoia 3D movie is the first ever 3D animated film in the Philippines and Star Cinema, in co-production with AmbientMedia and Thaumatrope, has submitted it as one of their two official entries to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2010.

The creators of RPG Metanoia are commendable for their thoughtfulness in adding simple Filipino elements in the characters especially in the game avatars which made the movie truly and proudly Pinoy.

Things like the yoyo, arnis, bamboo cannon and jolens and Avatar names like Sargo, Sumpak and K’mao will make every Filipino feel like they own the movie.

Meet the RPG Metanoia 3D movie characters and their game avatars below:

RPG Metanoia Characters and Game Avatars


Name: Nico
Characteristics: a shy and timid boy who finds courage in online games
Avatar: Zero
Class: Vagabond Traveller
Special Skills: quick, agile and unpredictable
Weapon: magical yoyo


Name: Unknown
Characteristics: Unknown
Avatar: Sargo
Class: Pool Shark
Special Skills: cold, calculating and precise
Weapon: battle-cue


Name: Mark
Characteristics: vain and ego-centric who believes every girl likes him
Avatar: Ahdonis
Class: Folk Hero
Special Skills: chest tattoo which gives him limited invulnerability
Weapon: arnis sticks


Name: Daniel
Characteristics: strong and silent who likes Sudoku puzzles
Avatar: K’mao
Class: Chi Master
Special Skills: can manipulate chi energy
Weapon: hands


Name: Bryan
Characteristics: smart, tough and confident leader of the group
Avatar: Mang Ernie
Class: Spiritist turned Monster Hunter
Special Skills: rogue shaman, monster hunter, occult expert
Weapon: top hat and umbrella


Name: Bobby
Characteristics: a stuttering big geek who knows all about Metanoia
Avatar: Sumpak
Class: Weapon-Smith
Special Skills: crafting custom weaponry
Weapon: rocket barrel, bamboo cannon, forging hammer


Name: May
Characteristics: smart, pretty and funny tomboyish girl with a sensitive heart
Avatar: C4ss4ndr4 (Cassandra)
Class: Beast Master
Special Skills: commands unwavering loyalty from all creatures
Weapon: animal totem trinkets, spider jolens

(Photos are courtesy of http://theRPGmovie.com/)

Who is your favorite RPG Metanoia 3D movie characters?

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