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"Vampires Suck" Movie Trailer does not suck but lacks glitter!

UPDATE: Vampires Suck movie has just released its engaging movie poster where Jacob can be seen pouting his lips and of course... showing his chiseled body! Bella on the other hand is somehow shocked!

In the tradition of making spin-offs (spoofs) of different movies such as the "Scary Movie" franchise, "Not Another Teen Movie", "Date Movie", "Superhero Movie" and "Disaster Movie", 20th Century Fox now brings you yet another movie everyone should... well... sorta kinda watch... the "Vampires Suck" Movie!

"Vampires Suck" Movie synopsis/summary/plot

Vampires Suck movie is a spin-off to the currently hip teen flick, vampire vs human vs wolf love affair, The Twilight Saga franchise by Stephanie Meyer, and some other films such as Alice in Wonderland and a whole lot more surprises. In this movie, we will follow the life of Becca, a teenager who finds herself torn between two hot guys: one is a vampire and the other is wolf. As she and her friends intertwined with different drama and some unfortunate events, she must choose who among the two creatures she will choose right in the end.

Seriously, this movie is not as serious as it thinks because it is a spoof of the vampire-themed movie we surely loved!

Vampires Suck movie lacks glitter

I am not saying that the movie "Vampires Suck" sucks, literally! It was funny the first time I saw the movie trailer. But that's just it. When you watch the movie trailer of Vampires Suck, you'll know there's something lacking because the funny part in the trailer is fading everytime you watch the movie trailer. Try it below and you'll know what I mean. But the thing is, it's funny the first time you watch it! I am very positive about this film, unlike its (insert-suitable-movie-title-here Movie) previous franchises.

"Vampires Suck" movie trailer

Below is the said movie trailer of "Vampires Suck". Enjoy!

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