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Star Cinema's "Cinco" is set to scare people five times the usual scare!

All is set. It would only take a few days more before Star Cinema unfolds the mystery of "Cinco" movie that will scare moviegoers five times the usual scare! "Cinco" is a five-part horror movie of Star Cinema coming in theaters this July 14, 2010. Are you ready to give up your sins?

"Cinco" movie plot/summary/synopsis

"Cinco" (Five) is a five-part horror film of Star Cinema that tackles the lives of different people each with different sins committed. Each part is entitled with different parts of the body that perhaps has something to do with the sins committed by each characters in the different stories.

As the movie unfolds, a mystery in the end will surely make everyone think of the twist why the mini-parts is entitled just like what it is. Below are the chronological order of the episode titles.

Episode 1 – “Braso” starring Robi Domingo, AJ Perez and Sam Concepcion

Episode 2 – “Mata” starring Rayver Cruz and Maja Salvador

Episode 3 – “Mukha” starring Mariel Rodriguez

Episode 4 – “Paa” starring Jodie Sta. Maria

Episode 5 – “Puso” starring Pokwang and Zanjoe Marudo

"Cinco" movie information

Cinco” stars today's young generation of stars including Robi Domingo, AJ Perez, Mariel Rodriguez, Pokwang, Sam Concepcion, Rayver Cruz, Zanjoe Marudo, Jodie Sta. Maria and Maja Salvador. It is directed by five of the sought-after movie and television directors of this generation namely, Frasco Mortiz, Enrico C. Santos, Ato Bautista, Nick Olanka and Cathy Garcia-Molina.

This is Maja Salvador's third horror movie in Star Cinema following her success to the 2006 hit horror movie, "Sukob" and last year's another July showing horror movie "Villa Estrella". In a recent interview, Maja Salvador expressed her gratitude to be called as the horror princess of Philippine movies.

Cinco official movie trailer

Below is the official movie trailer of "Cinco" (Five). Enjoy!

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