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July 2010 showing on Philippine cinemas

Let's play a little game, shall we? I'll give clues about the five movies which are showing in Philippine cinemas this July 2010 and you will guess them. And then let's see how many of them you got right. Ok?

Let's start, here are the clues:

1. An alien action horror movie
2. A sci-fi thief cat-and-mouse thriller
3. A magician-in-training adventure
4. A live-action adaptation of an animated television series
5. A sleeper agent chase film

Time's up! Here are the answers:

Predators (July 8, 2010)

This alien action horror movie takes place 13 years after the events in Predator 2. Royce, the protagonist in Predator 2, was abducted by alien creatures known as Predators and placed onto an alien planet together with seven others to be prey to a new breed of Predators. How will these group of warriors survive?

Predators stars Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Danny Trejo and Derek Mears.

Inception (July 15, 2010)

In this sci-fi thief cat-and-mouse thriller, Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of a skilled thief, who have become an international fugitive and lost everything he loved. Now he is given a chance bringing his life back if he will be successful in this last assignment.

He will not steal an idea. He will plant one. But a dangerous enemy seems to predict their every move.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (July 15, 2010)

"It's the coolest job ever."

Jay Baruchel (remember him in She's Out of My League) stars in this magicin-in-training adventure, as Dave Stutler, an average college student who becomes the apprentice of a sorcerer Balthazar Blake played by Nicolas Cage.

These unlikely partners must work together to defend the city from forces of darkness.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice Movie Trailer

The Last Airbender (July 21, 2010)

M. Night Shyamalan's live-action adaptation of an animated television series, The Last Airbender stars Noah Ringer as Aang, the latest reincarnation of the Avatar. It is his duty to maintain balance in the world of four nations, Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

Fire Nation launches a brutal war against the others and Aang, together with his friends, is set to learn to bend all four elements to restore the balance their world.

Salt (July 28, 2010)

In this sleeper agent chase film, Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA officer accused of being a sleeper spy. Now she is on the run to try to clear her name and uncover the real identity of the real spy.

MovieNews.Me has already reported a Salt movie spoiler. I will not discuss it here so as to save you if you don't want to read it. But if you do want to read the spoiler, click here.

What's your score?

Did you guess all five movies correctly? If so, then you are a certified movie addict. Kudos to you!

But if not, don't worry. There will be other chances to score higher because I am thinking of doing this game every month.

Remember to check out MovieNews.Me next month for another guess-these-movies game. Subscribe to our feed and put us in your RSS reader. Or just enter your email address below and we'll send you free movie updates.

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