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10 Most Popular Posts at MovieNews.Me

We are BACK!

From a month-long hiatus (Yatot got busy with work and I got hooked up with Plants Vs Zombies), we are back and again ready to feed your movie cravings!

First of all, we are very sorry. Imagine us ashamed to our pants, scratching our cowlick, and doing the Puss-in-the-Boots-face-in-Shrek-Forever-After (the one he used to beg Donkey to lend him his tongue). Or maybe not, but we are still sorry.

And to appease your mourning soul, we give you:

10 Most Popular Posts here at MovieNews.Me

Here are ten of the your most-loved posts based on the pageviews they have received. Why ten? No reason. From the time we launched this blog on December 1, 2009 to the last day of May 2010, we picked the most visited posts, the posts you cared for the most.

If you have missed them, now is the perfect time to catch up.

Here they are, arranged according to they popularity, our top five most popular posts:

1. Miss You Like Crazy Movie Trailer, Synopsis, Cast and Information!
2. Kimerald Movie "Paano Na Kaya" Teaser Trailer, Synopsis and Cast!
3. Ang Panday (2009) Soundtrack by Pupil (with lyrics)
4. Ang Panday Movie Trailer, Cast and Information
5. "Mano Po 6: A Mother's Love" Movie Trailer, Cast and Information
6. "Ang Darling Kong Aswang" Movie Trailer and Plot Summary
7. "Here Comes the Bride" Movie Trailer, Summary, Plot and Information
8. "Miss You Like Crazy" Official Movie Poster
9. "Working Girls" by Eurasia (Working Girls 2010 Official Soundtrack
10. "You to Me are Everything" Movie Trailer, Plot Summary and Snowy the Pig!

Yes, we already have counted our six months on the internet! Half-way to our anniversary! We are glad to have you with us for those fruitful six months, and we would be very elated to have you to a glitter-filled anniversary and beyond!

If you don't see your favorite MovieNews.Me post in this list, well, it's not too late. Your favorite MovieNews.Me posts can be included the next time we create another post like this ONLY IF you will share them to your friends and family. So go ahead, tweet about them, share them on Facebook, or email them to your enemies.

Until next "most popular posts" posts! See you in my next posts.

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