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Movie Review: "Here Comes the Bride," I Don't Like How It Ended

If you are hoping to read a Here Comes the Bride movie review saying how commendable and talented the cast are, I guess you're on the wrong page.

I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

Don't get me wrong. Here Comes the Bride is overflowing with acting talents (and I commend all of them) but my focus is simply not on the acting. From the moment I sat in front of the big screen, I was anxious as to how the soul-swapping problem would be resolved, or will it be resolved?

Here Comes the Bride

Here Comes the Bride is the joint production of Star Cinema, OctoArts and Quantum. No doubt this is the best comedy movie of the year with a power-house cast starring Eugene Domingo, Angelica Panganiban, Tuesday Vargas, John Lapus and Jaime Fabregas.

It follows five characters who swapped souls after a five-car collision in the middle of Magnetic Hill during a solar eclipse. So much for coindences.

I have no problem with that. They were actually successful at making me believe that it is possible in the real world for an accidental soul-swap to happen during those coinciding circumstances. But when they tried to return to their own bodies, the make-belief stopped.

Kuya Kim Atienza made it hard to believe.

I stopped believing after they seek the help of Kuya Kim Atienza to reverse the spell. From that moment on, Here Comes the Bride is just a conventional movie trying to end in a happily-ever-after note.

The idea of soul-swapping is crazy, but what if they stayed that way forever, right? That would be a more interesting story for me.

However, they made a little funny explanation at the end of the movie why all these things happened to the five main characters. So be sure to stay glued to your seats until after the bloopers and the credits have rolled because that's where the explanation comes in.

I also didn't like how slow the pacing of the movie is. There are scenes that are taking too long. Some scenes have a lot of dialogues with little or no significance that I would like to skip them and get on with the story.

There's no surprise.

And one more thing. This may sound a little weird but I think the main reason I did not enjoy Here Comes the Bride that much is because most of the cast did not surprise me.

I don't want to say the cast are unfit for the characters. They did their job really really well. But Angelica Panganiban acting out a John Lapuz is not really new or odd or hilarious for me. We know very well Angelica can do that. That also applies to Eugene Domingo, Tuesday Vargas and John Lapus.

What came as a surprise to me (and this got me really laughing) is Jaime Fabregas acting out John Lapus (near the end part).

Then I thought, what if you put a Maricar Reyes on Angelica Panganiban's character? She looks very demure and conservative and you will be surprised if she can act out a John Lapus.

Or better yet, Angelica Panganiban should've absorbed Kris Aquino's soul! And Kris Aquino would then wake up as Jaime Fabregas!

Otherwise, Here Comes the Bride is really the best comedy movie of the year. I recommend it to all of those who haven't watched it yet.

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