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"Here Comes the Bride" Movie Poster Analysis

It's only a few days before Here Comes the Bride hits the theaters and I don't want any of you miss my analysis of their movie poster.

I know this post will now have a hard time to rank for the keywords "here comes the bride movie poster" so let me make fun of the movie poster just for the fun of it, okey? Yes!

What on earth is "Here Comes the Bride"?

If you've just been born yesterday or have been living under a rock, you might have missed that there's a Filipino movie called Here Comes the Bride. Hehe, just kidding. But really, this post is about Here Comes the Bride movie poster and I won't be discussing detailed information about the movie itself.

If you want to learn more about the movie Here Comes the Bride, here's the link:

Here Comes the Bride Movie Trailer, Summary, Plot and Information

Here Comes the Bride Movie Poster

Here is the Here Comes the Bride movie poster. Look at it closely as I dissect it or tear it apart, as the case maybe.

But don't worry, I don't really have a lot of harsh things to say about this movie poster. Just a few to tickle your toes. So here goes...

Here Comes the Bride logo looks like a detergent powder logo

Yatot first published Here Comes the Bride in this blog that comes with a logo. At first I thought he made it up because it looks like the logo of Pride detergent powder. The names even sound the same.

Here are sample of the Pride detergent powder an see how similar it is to the movie title.

The colors and shapes are the same, right?

"Alin ang Naiba?"

Question: Among the characters depicted in the poster, which doesn't belong to the group?

Here Comes the Bride is about five people who switched bodies after a car accident. In the movie poster, the character above the water are the characters before the body switch, and the inverted characters underneath are the characters after the accident.

Tuesday Vargas, the maid, was possessed by the soul of the Godmother, Eugene Domingo. John Lapus' body was taken over by Jaime Fabregas' character. Jaime Fabregas' body was occupied by Tuesday Vargas' character. Angelica Panganiban, the bride, took over Eugene Domingo's body and the beautician, John Lapus, got into Angelica Panganiban's body.

Obviously, Tom Rodriguez, the groom, is not part of the merry-go-round body switch. He is the one that doesn't belong to the group. But if we followed the idea of before-and-after, Tom Rodriguez will be half-naked for the most part of the movie, which is not impossible.

Other "Here Comes the Bride" Movie Poster Analysis and Questions

  • Did you notice that the three names on top of the movie poster all end in "S"?
  • At the bottom the movie poster, Star Cinema is on the left corner, Octo Arts is on the center, and Quantum is on the right corner. Which do you think paid the most money? I don't know either.
I am really excited about this movie and I am sure I will be watching it. The premise is really simple and not hard to imagine. What's most interesting about this is Eugene Domingo and Angelica Panganiban together in one movie. And Angelica Panganiban is doing what I think she is best in -- comedy.

Don't forget to watch Here Comes the Bride on May 12, 2010.

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