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"You to Me are Everything" Movie Poster is a Pain in the Eye

UPDATE (4/19/10): A new and improved You to Me are Everything movie poster has just been released.

Whoever made the movie poster for You to Me are Everything must be blindly in love with neon green. Or else, he/she must be simply blind.

The neon green color doesn't give me much feeling about the movie. In fact, I don't think it gives me any feeling at all.

If I would see this poster in movie theater entrances, I definitely would not be enticed to watch.I don't know what color wheel they are using.

Another prominent color in this movie poster is pink. Which may be understandable because that's the color of Snowy the Pig. But is it okay for Marian Rivera to have pink blush-ons or for Dingdong Dantes to have pink lipsticks?

Here's the photo and tell me I'm the one who is color blind:

The good news is that the maker of this You to Me are Everything movie poster has made Snowy the Pig the star of the poster. Look closely and you'll notice that the "you" is pertaining to Snowy the Pig. The maker must have something for the pig.

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