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Poll: What Movies are You Watching this Summer 2010?

Summer is definitely here! It's hot and we all want to go out swimming, have picnics and enjoy out of town, or even out of the country, vacations. But the moviegoing blood in us beckons us to just sit on a cozy chair of a dark and cool movie complex.

Yup! We just can't have enough of watching movies. And this summer is the best time be movie addicts because there are a lot of great movies coming soon in theaters near you.

Are you a fan of action flicks? Do you just love watching those kids movies? Or can't you stop yourself from watching love stories in the big screen? You name it, they have it.

What Movies are You Watching this Summer 2010?

We here at MovieNews.Me would like to know what movies you are watching this Summer. In this poll, we have ten movies which are sure to open from May to July 2010. If you're movie is not included in the list, please write them in the blank provided to be included in the poll.

Note: Multiple answers are allowed.

Here's our poll:

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