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"Here Comes the Bride" Movie Trailer, Summary, Plot and Information

What will happen when an accident suddenly turns everything not in order?

This is exactly what Star Cinema's latest movie offering is all about. "Here Comes the Bride" movie starring Angelica Panganiban, John Lapus, Tuesday Vargas, Jaime Fabregas and Eugene Domingo tells us how one accident changes the lives of those people who met it. Star Cinema, together with OctoArts Films and Quantum Films, will deliver us this upcoming comedy movie that will change people's lives forever (or maybe temporarily...)!

Here Comes the Bride Summary/Synopsis/Plot

Angelica Panganiban plays the role of Stephanie, a shy bride who is about to marry her fiance, Harold, played by Tom Rodriguez of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up fame. Stephanie is a Maria Clara-type of girl who will do everything to save her virginity for her fiance. One solar eclipse, while Stephanie is en route to her wedding, she met an accident that changed her life and the lives of people who were also included in that accident. The supernatural event that happened triggered the souls of those people in the accident area to go out of their respective bodies and transfer to the bodies of different people.

In the accident area, there include John "Sweet" Lapus's character. Sweet plays a gay make up artist whose soul ended up to Stephanie's body, turning Angelica Panganiban's character into a flirty, man-hungry sexy woman. This event makes Stephanie different from her natural being.

Meanwhile, Jaime Fabregas's character, a 69-years old man with seems to have no social life at all, his soul ended up with John Lapus's body. Now being a much younger man, Jaime Fabregas's character soul learns to become excited with life and finds himself a girlfriend. Remember, John Lapus's character is a gay make up artist, right? Hahaha...

What if a very powerful attorney's soul is transported to the body of a maid? This is what Eugene Domingo's character got into trouble with when her soul was transferred to Tuesday Vargas's character's body. Tuesday Vargas plays the role of a maid.

Now that all of the souls are all mixed up together, finding their body is not suited for their soul, how will Harold (Tom Rodriguez) find the soul of his true bride? Will he able to find the correct soul of Stephanie? Can the souls go back to their respective bodies?

Here Comes the Bride Information

In the tradition of bringing you quality movies and in celebration of Star Cinema's anniversary movie offering, together with OctoArts Films and Quantum Films, "Here Comes the Bride" is the upcoming Filipino comedy movie that will surely make your comedy movie watching habit to the next level.

It will be remembered that Angelica Panganiban also stars in the MMFF 2009 entry entitled, "I Love You, Goodbye" with Gabby Concepcion, Kim Chiu and real-life sweetheart, Derek Ramsey. This will be Angelica Panganiban's second starring role under Star Cinema.

Versatile actress, Ms. Cherry Pie Picache adds to the ensemble cast of this movie. Tom Rodriguez is being introduced as a new movie star which will make or break his acting career. Because of the theme of the movie, being Angelica Panganiban's character Stephanie has the soul of a gay make up artist who wanted to become a real woman, this movie is full of topless and shirtless men that will sizzle your on-screen viewing and will make this summer even hotter. Ladies in bikinis are also included. The "Here Comes the Bride" movie is directed by Chris Martinez and will open on May 12, 2010.

Here Comes the Bride Official Full Movie Trailer

The official movie trailer of "Here Comes the Bride" movie is about to release tomorrow, April 25, Sunday on ASAP XV. As soon as the official movie trailer of this movie has been released, I will be updating this post to serve you even better. For the meantime, here is the movie trailer teaser of "Here Comes the Bride" starring Angelica Panganiban, John Lapus, Tuesday Vargas, Jaime Fabregas, Eugene Domingo and a lot more is showing on May 12, 2010.

Update: Here's the full movie trailer of Here Comes the Bride launched on ASAP XV on April 25, 2010.

The line in the trailer that sums it all:
Eugene Domingo (as the bride trapped in the body of the "ninang"): Kung ako nasa loob ni Ninang, si Ninang nasa loob ni Yaya, si Yaya nasa loob ni Lolo, si Lolo nasa loob ng isang Beautician, ang yung Beautician... Ninang, there's a gay man inside my body.

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