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"Working Girls" by Eurasia (Working Girls 2010 Official Movie Soundtrack)

The newest girl group named Eurasia has just launched the official movie soundtrack of the movie Working Girls 2010 written and directed by Jose Javier Reyes.

Eurasia launched the Working Girls 2010 official movie soundtrack in the pilot episode (March 28, 2010) of Party Pilipinas, the new variety show of GMA 7 which replaced SOP.


Eurasia is Viva's newest all-female group, which are composed of half asian, half european ladies which explains the name of their group. The members of the group and their nationalties are as follows:

Kelly Gamboa - British/Filipina
Gail Nicolas - 100% Filipina
Lana Roi - German/Filipina
Sara Polverini - Italian/Filipina
Kristine Nieto - Japanese/Filipina

"Working Girls" by Eurasia - Working Girls Official Movie Soundtrack Video (as seen on Party Pilipinas)

Here's a Youtube video of Eurasia's performance of "Working Girls", the official soundtrack of the movie Working Girls 2010. The video was seen on the pilot episode of Party Pilipinas last Sunday, March 28. The video is not that high quality, but I am still looking for a better version.

"Working Girls" by Eurasia at Working Girls 2010 Press Conference

While searching for a high quality video of the Eurasia performance in Party Pilipinas, I stumble upon this video from Viva's official website of their rendition of "Working Girls" during the Working Girls 2010 press conference. Here's the video:

Working Girls by Eurasia in MP3 Player

To listen to the Working Girls 2010 theme song more clearly, here's an mp3 player I got from Viva's official website with Working Girls by Eurasia. Enjoy listening!

Working Girls 2010 is the sequel to the 1984 blockbuster sexy comedy film by Ishmael Bernal. As with the original, Working Girls 2010 tells the story of women who will do anything and use everything to get what they want. Working Girls 2010 will be shown on April 21, 2010.

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