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Working Girls 2010 Movie Trailer, Cast and Plot Summary/Synopsis

Where were you in the year 1984?

Me, I am yet to be born into this world a year after that. So I can honestly tell I have not seen the Working Girls movie directed by the late Ishmael Bernal.

Working Girls 1984

Written by Amado Lacuesta, Working Girls (1984) centers on the role of the female population in that climate of political and economic turmoil. It stars seven female characters, which are mostly office assistants, played by some of the popular actresses at that time. The cast included Hilda Koronel, Carmi Martin, Baby Delgado, Gina Pareno, Chanda Romero and Maria Isabel Lopez.

Working Girls was a box office hit. It passed the censors even if it features yellow confettis which signifies protest against the government after Ninoy Aquino was assassinated. It involves comedy, drama and sex.

To learn more about the movie Working Girls (1984), you should read Butch Francisco's column in The Philippine Star.

Working Girls 2010

GMA Films and Viva Films are releasing a sequel to the 25-year old iconic sexy comedy film and they are calling it Working Girls 2010. The movie will include in the cast four of the original lead stars namely Maria Isabel Lopez, Gina Pareno, Carmi Martin and Rio Locsin. The remaining three are either abroad or not available.

It will also include today's hottest stars as the new seven lead actresses in the movie. They are Ruffa Gutierrez, Eula Valdez, Eugene Domingo, Iza Calzado, Jennylyn Mercado, Cristine Reyes and Bianca King. Working Girls 2010 is directed by Jose Javier Reyes.
As with the original, Working Girls 2010 tells the story of women who will do anything and use everything to get what they want. However, the working girls command huge salaries and hold top posts in such diverse industries as media, health and call center, unlike in the first movie which are mostly office assistants.

Working Girls 2010 will be shown on April 21, 2010.

Working Girls 2010 Cast and Characters

Eugene Domingo as Paula Cabigting
Iza Calzado as Tere Villanueva
Ruffa Gutierrez as Marilou Cobarrubias
Jennylyn Mercado as Ada Villanueva
Gina Pareno
Cristine Reyes as Wendy Casuga
Eula Valdez as Cleo Carillo
Carmi Martin as Betchay Magbutay-Cavendish
Bianca King as Dara dela Vega
Katya Santos
Mylene Dizon
Rio Locsin
Maria Isabel Lopez

Working Girls 2010 Movie Trailer

Below is the Working Girls 2010 movie trailer which will give you a glimpse of how the life of the seven new Working Girls are intertwined with that of the original Working Girls.

Favorite lines in the trailer:

Ruffa Gutierrez: Ibig sabihin magiging poor ulit ako.
Rafael Rossel: He also left you with a town house.
Ruffa Gutierrez: Town house, saan?
Rafael Rossel: Sa Angono, Rizal.
Ruffa Gutierrez: Angono!? May Starbucks ba dun?

Working Girls 2010 Full Movie Trailer

Update: Here's a much easy-to-understand trailer if you want to get a better understanding of the plot of the Working Girls 2010 movie (but you can always read the plot summary/synopsis below):

Working Girls 2010 Plot Summary/Synopsis (Possible Spoilers)

Women of different status, profession, and principles become connected by associaton or circumstance.

Dr. Cleo Carrillo (Eula Valdez) is a famous dermatologist, whose roster of high-profile clients include beauty queen turned society empress Marilou Cobarrubias (Ruffa Gutierrez) and socialite Betchay Magbutay-Cavendish (Carmi Martin). Cleo is married to a cardiologist, Dr. Vincent Carrillo. But her success comes with zealous detractors and nasty lawsuits, something which Marilou can relate to.

Marilou is widowed by her aged and ultra-rich husband, and her daughter-in-law, Amanda dela Vega, has arranged that she gets nothing except a small condo unit and a business on the verge of bankruptcy. Now, Marilou has to learn to get by on her own, something which her cousin, Tere Villanueva (Iza Calzado), has been doing since she was young. Tere works as a nurse, and becomes particularly close to an old woman named Amelia Marcelino. Tere sees herself in the dying woman and fears that she too might end up alone since she has been traumatized by one great love, Leon. But as if fate is teasing her, Tere is assigned to watch over a patient who happens to be Leon's wife.

Tere's best friend, Ada Villanueva (Jennylyn Mercado) is also suffering from heartache and regret for not accepting the marriage proposal of Jonathan, the father of her child. And now Jonathan is engaged to someone else. As an Executive Producer at a television network, Ada is able to raise her son, but barely has time to personally take care of him.

Children are the least of worries of Dara dela Vega (Bianca King). This spoiled daughter of Amanda is being given the cold shoulder at the same TV network where Ada works. Her arrogance for having studied in the US irks even the host of the show where she is a Junior Production Assistant. Aside from Ada, the only person who treats her nicely is Bogey, the cameraman, who advises her to adjust to the ways of her co-workers.

Jonathan's friend in the Call Center, Tobz, is seeing an ambitious girl who claims that she is a model. Wendy Casuga (Cristine Reyes) idolizes beauty queens who become socialites, just like Marilou Cobarrubias. She frequents the so called go-sees for casting of television commercials and television shows, and is sometimes accepted as an "extra." Unknown to Tobz, Wendy is not the least serious with him. She is after men who are rich, but insists that she will not get involved with married men, unlike her best friend Baby, who is having an affair with Melvin Cabigting.

Melvin is married to Paula Cabigting (Eugene Domingo). Paula is hardworking, trying out every kind of business she can think of, while Melvin is doing nothing since he got back from the US, having been affected by the recession. Paula cannot even rely on Melvin to drive for her to deliver goods to her clients that she still has to hire a service vehicles owned by a bachelor, Nelson Obleta. Thus begins another complicated relationship.

Each with their own troubles, these Working Girls just try to belong and be loved.

Other Working Girls news:

"Working Girls" by Eurasia (Working Girls 2010 Official Movie Soundtrack)

Working Girls 2010 Movie Poster

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