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Showing in Philippine Cinemas this March 2010!

In this Screenings post of the month, I will try something different from what we have been doing for the past months. Please tell me in the comments if you liked it or not.

I will be starting with a list of movies showing in Philippine cinemas this March 2010 arranged by release date, just like a movie guide. And then I will be sharing my three picks of the month from those movies. These five movies are what I think the must-watch movies of the month and I will elaborate on them one by one.

Here goes:

Movies Showing in Philippine Cinemas this March 2010

March 3
The Fourth Kind 
Up in the Air 
Cop Out 
Crazy Heart 
The Road 

March 4
Alice in Wonderland

Mar 10
The Red Shoes
Extraordinary Measures
The Box

March 12
Remember Me
Green Zone

March 17
When in Rome
The Book of Eli
The Lovely Bones

March 24
Romeo at Juliet

March 26
How to Train Your Dragon

Must-Watch Movies for the month of March

Here are the three movies that you should not miss watching this March:

Alice in Wonderland

What is Alice in Wonderland?

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp, is about Alice's second adventure down the rabbit hole to the Wonderland, a place she had visited 13 years ago. The Red Queen has taken over the place by steeling the crown from her sister the White Queen, and Alice is the only one who can save Wonderland by killing the dragon, Jabberwocky.

Fine, Why Should I Watch Alice in Wonderland?

Alice in Wonderland is currently the highest grossing film of 2010 worldwide. It has already surpassed Avatar's IMAX earning records of $9.5 million by earning $11.9 million. Plus! Tim Burton promises more connection with Alice and the other Wonderland characters, unlike in the book where she just pass from character to character.

Alice in Wonderland movie reviews reach a general consensus that the 3D movie is "an undeniable visual treat". Other's are saying it has "managed to hit emotianally satisfying marks" which means it doesn't only appeal to the eyes but also to the heart.

Learn more about Alice in Wonderland

Romeo at Juliet

What is "Romeo at Juliet'?

"Romeo at Juliet" is a Filipino indie movie starring Alessandra de Rossi and Victor Basa. The lead characters are not named Romeo and Juliet, but Joseph and Angel. It is based on an unpublished book by Jean Altavas entitled "Kakaibang Romeo at Juliet" which tells the tragic love story of a modern star-crossed lovers.

Fine, Why Should I Watch "Romeo at Juliet"?

According to Altavas, this is not your ordinary indie film which tackles the dark side of life because the characters in this film are not poor or under-privileged. "Troubles happen to people regardless of status," says Altavas.

This movie will break your usual movie-watching menu from the mainstream movie producers. What more? You get to see Alessandra de Rossi bare it all for the first time. The "Romeo at Juliet" movie trailer alone was rated X by MTRCB.

Romeo at Juliet Movie Trailer

Up in the Air

What is Up in the Air?

Up in the Air starring George Clooney is a drama comedy about a Ryan Bingham whose job is to fire people. His job gives him the opportunity to travel almost everyday of his life which keeps him away from emotional connections to other people. Which is the way he like it.

Or he thought he liked it. Because when he tries to show a junior co-worker how his job is really like, he ends up seeing how lonely his life has always been.

Fine, Why Should I Watch Up in the Air?

Although Up in the Air didn't won any awards during the recently concluded 82nd OSCARS Academy Awards, it is still a must-watch movie because it will make you think of your life too.

You'll definitely enjoy the comedy as Ryan Bingham's life is presented in a simple and witty manner, while not losing the message underneath it all. Up in the Air movie reviews agree that it has "a very strong sense of humor as well as an emotional depth".

Read My Up in the Air Movie Review

What is your must-watch movie of the month? Share them in the comments below. And don't forget to subscribe to MovieNews today to receive free movie news, reviews and updates.

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