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"The Red Shoes" Movie Trailer, Cast and Information

The Red Shoes, by UNICO entertainment, an affiliate of Unitel Productions, makers of hit and quality movies such as La Visa Loca, starring Robin Padilla, and Crying Ladies, starring Sharon Cuneta, Angel Aquino and Hilda Coronel, had a cinema preview last week, and some of my blogger friends were invited to the said event. According to them, The Red Shoes movie is brilliant and has a wonderful script. I can see from its production and movie trailer below that this movie really has substance.

The Red Shoes movie information

Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board, The Red Shoes tackles the life of a young man who stole a pair of red shoes from the First Lady of MalacaƱang, Imelda Marcos during the Marcos's eviction in the palace in 1986. From here, the story will evolve and progress as the young man, played by Marvin Agustin deals with his life and love. The Red Shoes also stars singer-turned-actress Nikki Gil and Tessie Tomas as Imelda Marcos.

Tessie Tomas loves to potray the role of Imelda Marcos in every occasion possible. It will be remembered that Ms. Tessie Tomas played the role as the First Lady of MalacaƱang in the 1988 Australian production mini-series, A Dangerous Life. The mini-series tackled the sensitive issue that was the EDSA Revolution in 1986 and how the Marcoses were evicted out of the Presidential Palace.

In The Red Shoes movie, however, a back story on one of Imelda Marcos' pairs of shoes has given a very intelligent approach to the story. Yes, the story is fictional, but the events that has happened and lead to the making of the story is true.

The story will began in 1986, where a young Lucas, entered Imelda Marcos's shoe room gallery. The room which is full shoes, literally, has a lot of shoes to offer. With more than 3000 pairs to choose from, the young Lucas chooses only one, which is the red shoes, and here is where the story will begin.

The Red Shoes synopsis/summary/plot

The Unitel Productions, headed by movie producer, Tony Gloria, posted the summary/synopsis/plot of The Red Shoes movie on the official website of the film. Here is the typed-written short summary/synopsis/plot of the movie The Red Shoes:

In 1986, ten-year old Lucas Munozca catches sight of the First Lady's 3000 pairs of shoes and steals a lovely red pair. He gives one shoe to his childhood sweetheart, while he gives the other to his widowed mother. In 2006, Lucas is stuck with one kind of footwear. He too, is stuck with his past, unable to move on from losing the love of his life. When his mother suddenly needs the complete pair, Lucas is forced to confront the consequences of stealing the shoes and to reveal why he did it.

The Red Shoes Cast and Production Staffs

• Marvin Agustin
• Nikki Gil
• Liza Lorena
• Tessie Tomas
• Tirso Cruz III
• Techie Agbayani
• Iwa Moto

Nolet Clemente, Sound Recording
Jessie Lasaten, Musical Scoring
Ike Veneracion, Editing
Ike Avellana, Cinematography
Norman Regalado, Production Design
Josie Bracamonte and Noemi Peji, Line Producers
Tito Velasco, Executive Producer
James Ladioray, Co-Producer
Tony Gloria, Producer
James Ladioray, Writer/Story
Raul Jorolan, Director

The Red Shoes movie trailer

Unitel Productions' The Red Shoes movie, topbilled by Marvin Agustin and Nikki Gil is showing on March 10, 2010 in different theaters nationwide. For more information on the movie, The Red Shoes, you may log on to the official website of movie at http://www.theredshoes.com.ph/.

Blogger friend PinoyGossipBoy (PGB) has written a very detailed "The Red Shoes" movie review. If you want to know the movie review on "The Red Shoes" first before watching movie itself, you may click the link provided below:

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