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"Of All The Things" Movie Trailer, Cast and Information

UPDATE: Finally, the much-anticipated comeback movie tandem of Aga Muhlach and Regine Velasquez will finally come to a reality as the movie, "Of All The Things" shooting continues after two years of waiting! "Of All The Things" will have a "hopefully" nationwide movie screening on September 25, 2012! GMA Films has joined Viva Films in producing this movie. The long wait is finally over! Below is the official movie trailer of "Of All The Things" starring Aga Muhlach and Regine Velasquez. Please forgive the quality of the video, we cannot find an HD version of movie trailer. Rest assured this post will be updated once we see a much clearer trailer version. Thank you for visiting!

What will happen when a certified professional fixer and a notary public attorney joined forces to create one formidable team?

This is what exactly the gist of the story of the upcoming romantic-comedy movie of Viva Films coming soon in theaters nationwide. "Of All The Things" movie is the comeback tandem of Box Office King titlist, Aga Muhlach and Asia's Songbird, Regine Velasquez. This movie is directed by Ms. Joyce Bernal. It is reminded that "Of All The Things" movie is a Philippine movie very much different from the American film of the same title starring Dennis Lambert.

Of All The Things summary/synopsis/plot

In the movie, "Of All The Things", Aga Muhlach plays the role of Umboy, a notary public attorney who earns a living by notarizing important documents and other papers, while Regine Velasquez on the other hand plays the role of Berns, a professional documents fixer. Every time Berns needs the help of a notary public, she goes to Umboy to "legalized" everything. This "legalization" process of documents was somehow Umboy does not agree with Berns. Their different ideology and principles in life have created a cat-and-dog fight situation between the two.

But what's supposed to be a misunderstanding between the two of them will likely to create a blossoming relationship. Bound with their principles in life, how do you think the two will end up together — to the dark side where both of them will be living a dishonest life where they fix documents illegally or to the light side where everything else is in correct and honest manner?

Of All The Things Cast

• Aga Muhlach
• Regine Velasquez
• John Lapuz
• Tommy Abuel
• and Ms. Gina PareƱo

Of All The Things Movie Teaser Trailer

Of All The Things movie, the upcoming romantic-comedy movie of Viva Films and GMA Films starring Aga Muhlach and Regine Velasquez and directed by Ms. Joyce Bernal will soon hit the big screen, coming this last week of March or early week of April, 2010 on September 25, 2012.

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