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Movie Magic Revelation: New Moon Movie Poster Deception!

I was checking my facebook account this morning when I saw this funny picture of what I think is the most talked about movie poster pictorial this year — the New Moon Movie Poster pictorial. In this pictorial, we can see a very deceiving photoshop manipulation of what the movie producers of the Twilight Saga: New Moon movie want us to see... that Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) is really taller than Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) but in real life that's not the real score! Hehehe...

In the press photo below (courtesy of http://thetwilightfansite.net/) taken from the MTV Movie Awards, we can see that Kristen Stewart's height is almost parallel to Taylor Lautner's eye peripherals.

But we can see on the movie poster of Twilight Saga: New Moon below, we can see that Bella Swan's height is at shoulder's height of Jacob Black.

But how was this possible? Simple! Just look at the photo of the New Moon Movie Pictorial below. See for yourself how Jacob Black is much taller than Bella Swan! Hahaha!

Based from the lighting of the pictorial set, I believe that the above New Moon Movie Poster pictorial is TRUE! What do you think guys?

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