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MMFF 2009: "Wapakman" Movie Trailer, Cast and Info!

Everybody's saying Wapakman will be a Kung-Fu Hustle kind of movie. When you see the movie trailer, you will know why. But it can also just be a like Hancock.

In any case, Wapakman will be the newest superhero in the Philippines. I'm guessing as early as now that this will be adapted to television.

About Wapakman


Wapakman is Solar Entertainment's entry to the 35th Metro Manila Film Festival. It stars the Pound 4 Pound boxer Manny Pacquiao, Krista Ranillo and Ruffa Mae Quinto.

Wapakman is a science fiction comedy about an ordinary man who developed super powers. Although the villains in this movie seem interesting (like a woman with supersonic breasts and a giant crab), I don't see the point yet.

Wapakman Cast and Characters

Manny Pacquiao as Magno Meneses
Krista Ranillo as Birita Octavia / Screamer
Keanna Reeves as Lenlen
Rufa Mae Quinto as Magda Meneses
Barbie Forteza as Patitang
Bianca King as Mystika
Polo Ravales as Emerson Pochochay / Combuster
Onyok Velasco as Goliath
Long Mejia as Kadyo
Mica Torre as Maegan Meneses
Benjie Paras as Kulas
Jojo Alejar as Dr. Rex
Jairus Aquino as Dingdong Meneses

Watch Wapakman Official Movie Trailer

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