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MMFF 2009: "Nobody, Nobody but Juan" Movie Trailer, Cast and Plot Summary

At first, this movie seems to be revolved around the story of an old man wanting to watch Wowowee. But as you will see in the movie trailer, Nobody, Nobody But Juan seems to cover all the bases.

Nobody, Nobody But Juan is the official entry of RVQ Productions to the 35th Metro Manila Film Festival. It promises to tackle issues about family, friendship, and love. We should be expecting a signature Dolphy movie here. The start will always be comic but as the story rolls out, there will be a deep drama.

Nobody, Nobody but Juan Plot Summary and Cast

Nobody, Nobody But Juan tells the story of a U.S.-based senior citizen named Juan (Dolphy) who lives in a senior home run by his son (Eric Quizon) and daughter-in-law (played by G Toengi). Juan’s favorite pastime is watching Wowowee on The Filipino Channel.

He does not watch the show just for entertainment’s sake. Aside from wanting to connect with the Philippines that he dearly misses, Juan is lonesome for his first love Aida whom he lost touch with during the Japanese occupation of Manila. Wowowee is Juan’s way of coping with homesickness and reliving the past.

But when watching Wowowee is banned in the senior home, Juan makes drastic measures to watch his favorite TV program. In his quest, he crosses paths with his old friend Tu (Eddie Garcia) who used to be his partner in the vaudeville duo Juan Tu. Pokwang is cast as the partner in crime of Tu.

Juan is then reunited with his long-lost love Aida (portrayed by Gloria Romero). Will they have a happy ending after all these years?

It's like a family reunion for the Quizons. The young Aida is portrayed by Heart Evangelista, the young Juan is portrayed by Epy Quizon and the young Tu is portrayed by Vandolph Quizon.

It will be a powerhouse cast of acclaimed commedians. Eugene Domingo plays a nurse who takes care of Juan in the senior home. Willie Revillame is also part of the movie as himself.

Watch Nobody, Nobody but Juan Full Movie Trailer

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