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December 2 showing in Philippine Cinemas

An alien 3D family movie, a biopic, and a documentary-style horror-suspense flick are now showing in selected cinemas in the Philippines. But which is the one for you? Find out here!

Planet 51


Planet 51 is a 3D animated, comedy family alien-adventure movie involving the life of an American astronaut Captain Charles "Chuck" Baker, who lands on Planet 51 thinking that he is the first man to step foot on it. To his surprise, he found out immediately that this planet is inhabited by little green people who are living in a happy disposition and whose only fear is that they will be invaded by aliens... like Chuck! Talk about being an alien to an alien planet, now that's something to watch out for!

Planet 51 stars the voices of Gary Oldman, John Cleese, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jessica Biel and Justin Long. Planet 51 is brought to by Sony Pictures Studio. For the full trailer of Planet 51 movie, you may click here.



Amelia movie takes on the private life of the world-renowed woman air pilot whose body has suddenly disappeared when she tried to cross the Atlantic Ocean. She was believed to be disappeared in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Her life as a full-time woman air pilot and fly an airplane to travel around the world was her life-long dream. Witness how a woman followed her dream in a world where men dominates the sky.

Amelia movie stars Hillary Swank, Richard Gere and Ewan McGregor. Directed by Mira Nair. For the full trailer of Amelia movie, you can watch below.

Paranomal Activity


Paranormal Activity is an independent horror/suspense movie of 2007. Yes! It's been almost two years since it was last shown in theaters. I don't see the point why it is now being shown in Philippine cinemas while Paranormal Activity is readily available in DVDs and online downloads. A lot of people have already watched it on DVDs and have already downloaded a copy of it. However, moviegoers really like to scare themselves along with people who wanted to watch the same film.

Anyway, Paranormal Activity is a unique film, well.. much like The Blair Witch Project. A documentary-style movie with lots of shocking videos captured on camera, this movie will surely give you goosebumps — the indie way! I heard there are different endings of the films. I might do a movie review on this, so better watch out for that! The movie trailer of Paranormal Activity is available below.

So there... before hitting that midnight last full show screening, better read this blog entry and decide later which of these three featured films showing today until December 24 will catch later. Ciao!

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