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MMFF 2009: Star Cinema releases teaser trailers for "I Love You, Goodbye"

One hot film! Tssstt...

A fiery new character role for Kim Chiu and a steamy hot love scene maker Angelica Panganiban are set to make your Christmas day extra special with the upcoming official entry of Star Cinema to the 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival, the drama movie, "I Love You, Goodbye".

Angelica Panganiban plays the role of Gabby Concepcion's second wife that will have a sexual relationship to Derek Ramsay's character. I am guessing Derek Ramsay here in this movie is Gabby Concepcion's brother.

Kim Chiu on the other hand is the daughter of Gabby Concepcion's character who refuses to accept his father's (Concepcion) new-found love. Kim Chiu takes her acting to a new level — away from her cutie, teeny-bopper role. Kim Chiu becomes a brat girl who seeks for her father's love and attention.

Star Cinema's "I Love You, Goodbye" teaser trailers

Star Cinema has not yet released their full trailer of "I Love You, Goodbye" but they have released several teaser trailers to drool for. Below are just two of the said teaser trailers which features Angelica Panganiban's hot love scene with Derek Ramsay and Kim Chiu's bratiness to her newly found stepmother Angelica Panganiban.

Angelica Panganiban's hot love scene with Derek Ramsay

Kim Chiu versus Angelica Panganiban

Teaser trailers from Star Cinema Multiply Group.

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