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MMFF 2009: "Ang Panday" Movie Trailer, Cast and Information

Flavio is riding a dragon!

Allthough I don't think dragons existed in this part of the world, the addition of Bagwis (yes, that's the name of the dragon) in the movie is really taking the Panday movie series to a higher level.

But Ang Panday (2009) doesn't only feature a dragon. It also have a fiery evil kingdom, a burning lizard king, and of course a shining sword which can eradicate hundreds of dark ninjas in one slash.

Ang Panday (2009) promises awe-inspiring special effects, heart-pounding fights and a whole new level of adventure in the land of Philippine movie industry.

Ang Panday (2009)

Ang Panday (2009)
Ang Panday (2009) is GMA Films' and Imus Productions' official entry to the 35th Metro Manila Film Festival. It stars Ramon Bong Revilla Jr as Flavio, Phillip Salvador as the bald Lizardo, and Iza Calzado as Maria.

The MMFF 2009 entry will recount in vivid graphics the epic story of the iconic character created by Carlo J Caparas. The epic hero was first brought to life in the early 1980s through the late Fernando Poe Jr. From then on, Ang Panday has been part of the Philippine culture which can be compared to Superman of the US.

Ang Panday (2009) Summary/Synopsis

This year's version of Ang Panday will follow the life of Flavio (Bong Revilla), a blacksmith who only wants peace. He will meet a beautiful stanger named Maria who will easily capture his heart.

When a meteor falls down, Maria (Iza Calzado) told Flavio that he is chosen to be a hero. Flavio doesn't want to have anything to do with being a hero.

From the remains of the meteor, Flavio crafted a dagger as a gift to Maria. But Lizardo's men came and took Maria.

Flavio will head on adventures after adventures to save Maria from Lizardo.

Ang Panday (2009) Cast and Characters

Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr. as Flavio
Phillip Salvador as Lizardo
Iza Calzado as Maria
Rhian Ramos as Emelita
Robert "Buboy" Villar
Sheena Halili as Dahlia
Geoff Eigenmann as Marcos
Benjie Paras as Rafael
John Lapus as Mauching
Paulo Avelino as Celso
Stef Prescott as Armida
BJ Forbes as Martin
Luz Valdez as Nanay Kamaring
Joonee Gamboa as Tatay Seloy
Carlos Morales as Vampiro
Gladys Guevarra as Rawna
JB Magsaysay as Manuel
King "Abdul" Gutierrez as Cruzaldo
Dindo Arroyo as Hugo

Watch Ang Panday (2009) Full Movie Trailer

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