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Fairview Terraces Raises the Bar of Entertainment with the Ayala Malls Cinemas

Movie-watching up North just got more exhilarating, as Fairview Terrraces, the newest and hippest lifestyle hub at Quezon  City - opens its revolutionary Ayala Malls Cinemas. 

               Fairview Terraces recently unveiled its 6 modern cinemas that come equipped with today’s cutting-edge theater entertainment technology  and making movie-watching more dynamic are the Ayala Malls Cinemas extended privileges of convenience and premiere customer service.

                “Captain America: Winter Soldier,” the world-renowned Marvel superhero franchise’s second blockbuster installment, was the first movie to hit the Fairview Terraces silver screens.  Judging from the lines outside the theaters comprising of partners from the movie industry, the timely launch of the Ayala Malls  Cinemas was a box-office success.  In attendance during the launch were Ayala Land executives - Rowena Tomeldan, Vice President and Head of Operations and Support Services, Commercial Business Group and Chairman of Ayala Malls Cinemas and Atty. Rolly Duenas, Deputy General Manager of Ayala Malls Cinemas and Liz Gayla  Fairview Terraces General Manager.

                The launch ceremony, hosted by up and coming celebrity Josh Padilla, was accompanied by much action and excitement just as its featured movie.  As the curtains were raised, the guests were treated to cocktails, popcorn, drinks and to a cinema experience that all expectations. A suiting premise to the exhilarating one is bound to feel at the Fairview Terraces Cinemas. 

Rowena Tomeldan, Ayala Land Vice President and Head of Operations and Support Services Commercial Business Group and Chairman of Ayala Theatres Management Inc.

Atty. Rolly Dueñas, Deputy General Manager of Ayala Theatres Management Inc

Rhia Arda, marketing manager of Ayala Theatres Management Inc., Atty. Rolly Dueñas, Deputy General Manager of Ayala Theatres Management Inc, Marjie Duque, Commercial Business Group Division Manager of Ayala Land, Rowena Tomeldan, Ayala Land Vice President and Head of Operations and Support Services Commercial Business Group and Chairman of Ayala Theatres Management Inc., Liz Gayla, General Manager of Fairview Terraces, Denise Olanday-Lagayan, Commercial Business Group Advertising and Promotions Associate Manager of Ayala Land.

  All of Fairview Terraces’ innovative cinemas come equipped with Dolby Digital 7.1 theaters, for maximum sound clarity, plus Cinema 6 comes equipped with Depth Q 3D projection, offering an extra-sensory view of blockbuster hits and epic movies. 

                Cinemas 1, 2, 3 has 200-seating capacity each while Cinema 5 and 6 has 300 and Cinema 4, has a 400-seating, ensuring that there are enough seats to house the bustling community of Fairview.  Each cinema is fitted out with relaxing and spacious stadium seating, guaranteeing a supremely comfortable movie-watching experience. Moreover, persons with disabilities can expect  easy access and special areas for ensuring a delightful entertainment pleasure for everyone. 

                The Ayala Malls Cinemas at Fairview Terraces offers quick and convenient access to tickets, via   With sureseats, you can easily  view movie schedules, reserve and purchase your movie tickets – using any major credit cards or the Ayala Malls Cinemas’ MPass card.  Making watching movies more convenience is the Ayala Malls Cinema’s.

                The MPass Card which is a  reloadable prepaid movie card that lets you pay for your movie tickets online and over the counter plus lets you skip the line when entering the theater with just a flash of the card. 

                Where today’s most advance most groundbreaking technology meets the most compelling promos and distinct customer service, the Ayala Malls Cinemas raises the bar on the most rewarding entertainment pursuits.  Enjoy infinite movie-watching pleasure in the city’s most happening spot – Fairview Terraces. 

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"Nicki Minaj" brings it on for a 3-timing rogue in “The Other Woman”

Music industry’s most versatile talent, Nicki Minaj stars alongside Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the upcoming estrogen-filled comedy “The Other Woman.”

                Minaj’s role channels a very vocal and fashion-forward assistant named Lydia who works for the stunning and tough New York lawyer Carly, played by Diaz whose boyfriend Mark (Waldau) turns out to be a married guy cheating on his wife, Kate (Mann).  The two women don’t appear to have much in common, other than the philandering womanizer who has been tricking both of them. They become great pals, much to Lydia’s initial dismay, and decide to teach the lying Mark a few lessons to prove that cheating will not work.  Everything becomes more complicated when Carly and Kate find out that the charming cheat has been engaging in yet another affair, with the beautiful Amber (Kate Upton) who is half his age. The three of them join forces and conjure up ingenious strategies to give Mark what he deserves, at the same time the bond between them grows stronger.  

                Nicki Minaj’s unexpected casting coup added something to the movie that producer Julie Yorn hadn’t counted on: “We all have a sense of Nicki’s persona and larger than life personality, but she came in with the most humble approach and attitude. She was dying to sit at the feet of these other women and learn.”  We always wanted for the character of Lydia to be sassy,” Yorn continues.  “But what was disarming about Nicki was her likability, which actually changed the scripted character.  Lydia became a really important ally to Carly. That’s the chemistry part of it that you don’t expect.  Cameron and Nicki bonded from day one and so you just get a whole different dynamic than anticipated.”

                Minaj was a welcome surprise for director Nick Cassavetes, as well: “Lydia says things to Carly that are couched as truths, and that are really preposterous, but they have this unexpected truth that suggests sometimes the correct thing is to do the incorrect thing.”
                According to Minaj, Lydia is very opinionated. “She has her own outlook on life and relationships, and you can’t change her mind about anything. She develops a real friendship with Carly.  And Lydia really wants Carly to settle down and meet the right man. So she gets involved a little bit in bringing Mark down and getting Carly to fall in love with someone who’s a good person.” 

                Lydia is an important person in Carly’s life, because, says Minaj, “Lydia’s the friend that is going to give you tough love. I happen to be that kind of friend. I don’t like when my best friends are sad about a guy. I think all women need a friend who’s going to let us cry and mope, but we also need the friend that’s going to say, ‘Okay, pick it back up.  Let’s go.  You know, we’re not going to be walking around the office moping.’”

                Patricia Field helms the movie’s costume design department and styling Nicki Minaj was another highlight for the designers.  “It was really fun to get the chance to dress Nicki for this role,” says Field’s longtime collaborator and protégé Paolo Nieddu.  “She’s the secretary, and the sexy secretary is an image everybody can imagine, so we went with almost a cartoon sexy secretary, with exaggerated colors and prints and lots of different accessories. Every day is a new Lydia.  So you never know what you’re going to get with her.”

                Lydia’s looks include high fashion, sexy, and body-conscious pieces that would fill the closet of a girl with a sugar daddy footing the bill.  Some of her designer looks are by Gucci, Roland Mouret, Versace, Herve Leger, Proenza Schoeler, and McQueen – all paired with the most extreme, expensive designer shoes that only a diva could stand wearing to the office.  Nicki Minaj, a noted fashion icon in her own right, was also thrilled to learn Field would be joining the team: “When I heard that Patricia Field was a part of this movie, I was very excited because I knew everybody would be eating their hearts out when they saw all the clothes we wear in this movie, and I knew it was going to be fresh and fun.”

                 Check out this funny and endearing story on (female) friendship when “The Other Woman” opens May 7 in theaters nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. 

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“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” Latest Photos Revealed

20th Century Fox releases the latest photos on über-ape Caesar, whose intelligence had been artificially enhanced in the previous worldwide blockbuster “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and continues to be in dominion over humans in the upcoming post-apocalyptic movie “Dawn of The Planet of the Apes.”

                The primates in “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” led by Caesar (Andy Serkis) step up on nature’s chain when a virus wipes out most of humankind.  Also starring in the film are Gary Oldman with Jason Clarke, Keri Russell, Kirk Acevedo, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Enrique Murciano who play survivors and are trying to prevent the apes from fully inheriting the Earth.

  "The small group of humans are struggling to come back from devastation, and the apes are fighting for survival," says director Matt Reeves in recent interviews. "The big question is, can they co-exist?"

                "We all know it doesn't become Planet of Humans and Apes," says Reeves. "It becomes Planet of the Apes. But this is that one moment of time where there is hope for humans."

Taking motion-capture performance to new critical heights, Andy Serkis who portrays Caesar continues to develop the apes’ already complicated and evolved society.  By this time, Caesar have found himself a wife, Cornelia, portrayed by actress Judy Greer.   "Caesar not only has a wife, but also an infant son and a teenage son," says Serkis. "This film centers around the notion of family — the survival of the family and what lengths you would go to to protect them when life is extremely hard and tough."

                The performances have been further enhanced now that the actors are able to wear the full motion-capture outfits in exterior locations. More than 85% of Dawn was shot in the forests of Vancouver and outside New Orleans. Serkis calls this "a huge technical leap which enables there to be no disconnect with the other live-action actors."

Non-stop rampage action in 3D on who should rule the earth starts when “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” opens July 10 in cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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More than a Diamond: French actress Louise Bourgoin in “The Love Punch”

French actress Louise Bourgoin proves that diamonds aren’t just the best friends a woman can have in the upcoming romantic comedy caper “The Love Punch.”
                Starring opposite screen luminaries Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson as the divorced Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Kate Jones. Louise’s character named Manon is an unhappy married woman to a very accomplished business tycoon Vincent (played by French actor Laurent Lafitte).  Their paths meet when Richard (Brosnan) finds out that the company he’s been working for had been fraudulently bought and that his and Kate’s along with the other employees’ pension fund had also been taken. 

                Richard and Kate must do everything to get back what was stolen from them…following the tracks of the evil man behind the company’s buyout led them to Manon who finds life miserable amidst the riches given to her and finally finds her true self when she meets Kate (Thompson), who introduces herself first as a distant relative only to steal back the diamond Manon’s husband gave her.

                Both French actors enjoyed shooting in English. "You can play with the language much more", Louise Bourgoin remarks. "Word stress is very important in English and gives pace to sentences, which is a treat for an actor. But then again, it may get perfunctory after a while, and so we worked with a dialogue coach to acquire a certain accent and enjoy the same freedom we have in French. At the beginning, when I stressed certain words, I thought I was overacting but the truth is, everyone acts like this!"
                Emma Thompson enthuses on the two French actors – Louise Bourgoin as the ravishing Manon and Laurent Lafitte as the shameless businessman who ruins Richard.  Emma Thompson can't praise them enough: "They're full of ideas, zest and spirit", she enthuses. "It's very unusual to meet beautiful actors who are also that funny and who can do the straight acting as well. The point about this work, I think, is you have to able to act very, very well in order to do something that appears not to require any acting. It's got to do with this lightness of touch and both Louise and Laurent have that in spades".

                Louise Bourgoin explains she was impressed with the originality and ambition of the script. "Joel Hopkins's script is pretty bold and several scenes could seem unrealistic at first glance, but they blend in seamlessly and they perfectly make sense in the story", she remarks. "There's also a screwball quality to it that I enjoyed and that is a real departure from the gritty, realistic dimension of French movies". The actress portrays Manon, a young romantic idealist who's just about to lose her illusions… "In the beginning, she's a young woman whose destiny is all laid out for her – just like Grace Kelly, she's about to marry a multi-billionaire prince!", she quips. "But the guy is actually a
n embezzler and when she finds out, she turns out to be a free-spirited, selfless soul. The truth is she feels she doesn't belong there and she eventually rediscovers her true self through her meeting with Kate".

                Manon's clothes also say a lot about her personality. "When I read the script, I saw her as a Beverly Hills-like upstart, on the gaudy and showy side", she goes on. "Now, the filmmakers asked me to hark back to movies from the 1950s a
nd 60s and to try to look like Audrey Hepburn. What Joel had liked about me when I met him for an audition was the fact that I came in a trench coat, with my hair in a bun and a very 'French' look, and he wanted me to remain elegant like that throughout the film. So I had to wear waisted dresses going knee length, glasses and a wide-brimmed hat. I thought it was more interesting than if I had had to wear more contemporary outfits, which would have dated the movie much more". 

                “The Love Punch” opens in cinemas nationwide on April 19 (Black Saturday) from Axinite Digicinema with media partners Inquirer Group, 105.1 Crossover and GNN (Global News Network).

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KITE a classic, cult-hit anime coming to the big screen

Based on the acclaimed anime film creator Yasuomi Umetsu, KITE stars legendary Academy Award Nominated Samuel L. Jackson. Set in the wake of the global financial crisis, one that has rendered the government an ineffective corrupt puppet state, the real power now lies in a massive organized crime ring, one that maintains absolute control through intimidation, bribery and murder. Fuelling the new global economy  is an extensive international prostitution ring, where the majority of young women are sold into sexual slavery and leaving most citizens too terrified to resist. Taking a stand against this is Sawa (India Eisley), a young woman who, after the murder of her parents by Mafia hitmen, has sworn revenge on those who left her orphaned. Guiding her in this mission is Aker (Jackson), an aging police detective who raised Sawa and trained her to be a ruthless assassin, all while providing her with “Amp,” a powerful narcotic that allows her to forget the traumatic memory of her parent’s death. But, the closer she gets to the head of the crime syndicate, an elusive man known as The Emir, the more careless she becomes-leaving a trail of evidence and witnesses in her wake…making it harder for Aker to conceal her identity from his corrupt peers. Despite this recklessness, she excels at her mission until she teams up with a fellow vigilante, a mysterious man with a connection to her parents, who forces her to confront her most feared enemy: the past and those very memories she had hoped  to forge.

Here is the official trailer of "Kite":

‘KITE’ is released and distributed by Captive Cinema.

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One on one with Jared Leto (Actor, musician, director and Oscar winner)

After a six-year break—during which he wrote and directed a documentary (2012’s Artifact) and toured the world with his band (30 Seconds to Mars)—Jared Leto dug deep to portray Rayon, a transgendered woman battling AIDS and drug addiction, in Dallas Buyers Club. The film’s star, Matthew McConaughey, wasn’t the only one to completely transform himself for his role. From his first audition, Leto became Rayon, dropping to 116 pounds, spending weeks perfecting her voice, and never coming out of character throughout filming. His heart-wrenching performance has won for Oscar this year and over critics. His two decades of work as an actor have encompassed a host of intense and transformative performances. These have included his portrayals in Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream, alongside Ellen Burstyn, Jennifer Connelly, and Marlon Wayans; Steve James’ Prefontaine, as real-life athlete Steve Prefontaine; J.P. Schaefer’s Chapter 27, for which he was voted the Audience Award at the 2007 Zurich Film Festival; David Fincher’s Fight Club, with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, and Panic Room, with Jodie Foster and Forest Whitaker; Mary Harron’s American Psycho, opposite Christian Bale.

How did you initially get involved with this film?
I hadn’t made a film in five or six years and came across this script—or maybe I should say this script was put in front of me. I kind of blew it off a few times, and then someone convinced me to take a look. I thought the character (of Rayon) was amazing. And what a great team of people—I wanted to be a part of it.

Was Rayon based on an amalgamation of anyone?
She’s a fictional character, and I’m really grateful that she was. I had an enormous amount of freedom to create, to imagine, to experiment and not have some of the parameters that come along with representing or portraying a real-life person. My journey began by meeting with transgendered people, trading stories, learning what it’s like to transition, learning what it’s like to tell your parents who you really are, reflecting on how you overcome great obstacles and challenges. That was essential. And, of course, there was a whole series of other things, the voice.
Yes, I heard about that, the voice.
The voice was really important to key into the character. There was the dialect, but also other things, like the octave. Then there’s the walk and the body’s center and the weight. And, of course, the emotional condition and circumstances. So already there’s a lot there, and that’s one of the reasons I was so excited for the part and felt so compelled to play it, because of that unique set of challenges.

What you envisioned for Rayon varied slightly from what director Jean-Marc Vallee had in mind. What fed that confidence going into your first meeting with him?
I didn’t really audition for the role, but I set up a Skype meeting. I decided that it would be good to use it as an opportunity to see what I had to offer. So we connected via Skype, and I grabbed some lipstick and put that on. I could see his reaction—he was very shocked. I started to unbutton my thick winter jacket and I had a little furry pink sweater underneath, and I pulled it down off my shoulder and proceeded to flirt with him for 20 minutes. I woke up the next day and had the official offer for the part. So that’s one way a lady gets a job, I guess. It was a great experiment. I’m not so sure, but maybe Jean-Marc may have seen Rayon more as a drag queen or someone who enjoys pushing a gender envelope or dressing up in women’s clothing, but to me, it was clear that this was a person who wanted to live life as a woman. I think that key distinction was very important to make early on.

One of the more emotional scenes is when Rayon goes to visit her father. It’s tremendously powerful for the audience. What was the filming of it like?
Well, it was a really intense scene to film. It was the very first time that I had worn men’s clothing because I was always in women’s clothing (throughout the shoot). It felt like I was in drag in that scene. I felt very vulnerable wearing that oversized, borrowed suit and to not have on any of my armor—you know, my wig, my makeup, my lipstick and heels. And here I was going to say goodbye to my father and to tell him that I forgive him. So I remember doing the first take, and it was just not working, and I was beginning to panic. All of a sudden, the scene became extremely important. I remember taking a moment, and a deep breath, and some magic happened. I think the second take was when the scene came to life. The director came over with tears in his eyes, and you could hear other people crying on set. It became clear that whatever we were doing was working.

How do you find balance between the acclaim and just being proud of the work?
I love performance and actors and acting and music and art, and when I turn a corner in the Museum of Modern Art, I want to have my mind blown. I want things to win; I want this to succeed. When I see a movie, I want it to move me. I want it to affect my life. So I think when a performance does work, it’s incredible because some of the time it doesn’t work. Most of the time it doesn’t work. You make these little movies, these independent movies, and they don’t turn out as you had hoped or wished they would. So when they do, it’s important to celebrate it. Not just the actors, but for you or whoever else. We all want to discover something and to celebrate it, you know? I’m super proud of and very excited to be a part of this insanity.

‘DALLAS BUYERS CLUB’ is released and distributed by CAPTIVE CINEMA.

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